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    Help, please


      right now, I'm so frustrated with my nook that I wish I had purchased a kindle.  I had to make 3 calls today to tech support.  The first guy was not polite and I go  no where with that problem.  The second call (same problem) was very polite and we resolved the issue quickly.  The 3rd call was just frustrating because it is the THIRD call in one day. 


       I changed my email address.  I did this by clicking the CHANGE NAME, EMAIL OR PASSWORD link.  Now, however,  I have 2 accounts. Obviously, one is to change an email address in the CHANGE EMAIL link.     Now, I need to download books to (I guess) the computer so I can move them to the new email account.  How do I do this? 


      If this isn't resolve in 24 hrs. this baby may be heading back to the store. 


      Thank you.


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          I don't understand what you've done, so I'm making a guess.


          Your NOOK knows your B&N account by its email address. Do not change your account's email address while your NOOK is registered to it.


          If you've done that, change your account's email back temporarily. Then unregister your NOOK. It's in Settings>Device.


          Once your NOOK is unregistered, then you can change the account's email address. Then reregister your NOOK to the account using the new email address.


          If you need to check if you've got something registered to a B&N account, log into that account on your computer and go here: https://cart4.barnesandnoble.com/account/request.aspx?x=&stage=manageDevices but do not unregister from that page. That 'deregister' link is only for when you've lost your NOOK and you want to kill it from being able to rack up charges on your credit card.


          When you re-register, your most recent B&N e-book purchases will be automatically downloaded to your NOOK. For older ones, you'll have to tell the NOOK to download them.


          By the way, this is the forum for the B&N Reader software for iPads, iPhones, PCs, Macs, etc. There are separate forums for NOOKs.