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    Look of the book

      I've read a few of the postings here and have a question. Did you upload an MS Word file or HTML? Secondly, how did the book look when view in your Nook reader? Were the chapter headings in place, where there blank pages, how about indents--was anything a problem. Did anyone change their book to an Epub format before uploading? Thanks for your answers.



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          I've run a few tests with Word files, and while the text itself was certainly readable, how it flowed - particularly chapter breaks - wasn't what a paperback reader would expect. Who knows, perhaps users of e-readers will at some point expect continuous text to avoid having to scroll through as many screens of text!


          I found the best result by converting to ePub before uploading - it was much more consistent with the presentation and kept the flow (especially what started on a new screen) as I had designed it.