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    Tech Support Does Not Exist?

      I never received a response when I e-mailed support last week using the link on this website. Is there anyone contributing to this board from BD Tech Suppoort? Or, is the tech support non-existent?




      "Can't find an answer?
      Email us directly."

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          Email support is notoriously bad.  Call them at 1-800-THE-BOOK, option 2.

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            No  Patnet is correst Tech Support does not exist.


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              Well I guess everyone has different experiences. I emailed tech support with an issue and received an email back in 1 day stating they wanted to talk to me to get more information regarding the matter. Unfortunately my work schedule became extremely busy and was unable to call back for 4 days. I received an email follow up wanting to know why I had not called and if the issue was resolved in another way. Either  way they stated to called so they could collect the information about my problem for review. I email yesterday stating my work schedule this week would not allow me to call during the times they were available. I received and email with in 15 minutes asking what time would work for me and someone would be available. Just got off the phone with them and problem has been addressed and taken care of.  Not sure but from my end the is pretty good customer/tech service support to me.