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    Nook Tablet 8gb to be sold @ Walmart



      This was just a rumor but seems to have picked up steam. There are a number of reliable tech sources who have picked up the story so it seems credible. Guess we will have to wait & see. Had this been done when the NT first came out last Nov it might have made some sense. Now trying to compete on price with Amazon just seems stupid. The KF is being sold @ a price that is only a few dollars more then its manufacturing cost. The KF is a subsidized product. As long as it serves its purpose which is to serve as a portal to all things Amazon & grow sales overall while growing market share for Kindle they don't care. They are not saddled with BN operational costs for their brick & mortar stores & are, in general, a much more nimble company with deeper pockets. Their move with the pricing of KF was an offensive stiike that has bought them a huge growth in market share. If BN really does this, strategically, it is the weakest move they could make as it is reactionary. They will cannabilze any market they had for the NC.. Temporarily they will have to lower the price which will have a ripple effect through the product line. They are also going to have some very uphappy customers who bought the Nook color instead of the NT just a few months ago to  save $50. Under these circumstances I don't see much of a future for the NC & predict it will be phased out, probably sooner rather than later.


      Hope THIS is not THE new Nook product we've been kinda sorta hearing about. Frankly it would seem like developing a unique product for the burgeoning educational market that could be sold in volume to schools @ a low price point would have made more sense & showed more innovation. Also, good knows there are enough kiddie apps & games in & kid/teen content to develop, when combines with the Nook Study app a age specific consumer product. Right now there is nothing like that in the market & I think it would sell well.

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          Based on your logic, people who bought the NC to save a few bucks should be hopping mad now since BN is selling the NT on ebay for $199 (while supplies last).


          Yes, obviously the NC is being phased out.  It was long in the tooth last fall when they announced the NT and is getting more so by the day.  BN obviously isn't going to spend its resouces keeping muliple OS's going and they have chosen not to base the new NC firmware on Gingerbread like the NT and instead keep it Froyo.  I would guess we have seen the last NC update and they will announce EOL by June.


          As far as the 8gb NT, I agree.  Stupid with a capital "S".  Competing with a deep pockets competitor on price is not smart.