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    Just doesn't work

      As a librarian, I can not and do not recommend this product to my patrons.  The product itself is faulty, and the customer service and return policies are very poor.

      My mother loved her Nook Color so much, she offered to buy me either the Color or the Touch.  I went with the Touch, thought something simpler would be nice, since I work around computers all day.  I was wrong.  Within the first 20 days, my Nook started to devour battery power.  I was told when I bought it I had 30 days to return it for a new one, but apparently, they changed that.  I was offered a refurbished product to replace a brand new one, which I thought was really cheap of them, and not good customer service.  Then, I was told it was a software issue, and would be resolved soon, so I held on to my Nook.  One software update and two other fixes later, and it STILL drains the battery by the minute, lasting only about 8 hours, instead of the promised 2 months.  I was told to call the warrenty dept, but that was a wasted call - they only repeated what had already been said, and also pointed out I'd now had the unit for 90 days.  Well, yes I did, but it didn't work MOST of that time, and I only kept it because they kept saying it would be fixed!  And yes, the wifi was OFF, it's rarely on, actually.