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    International expansion for BN and Nook

      One of the most interesting and promising developments that has been mentioned is Barnes and Nobles potential expansion internationally in the next 12 months... I am guessing that if things are reaching the media, this might mean that Barnes and Noble is alot further along in their plans for international markets than they let on... I wonder how this strategy will manifest itself... Will they be opening international stores? Or partnering with foreign booksellers to carry the Nook and develop foreign nook content in other countries? This would seem to be key for competing with Amazon and Kobo... In my opinion, the tue in of the Nook with bricks and mortar bookstores in other countries is essential... It would give the Nook a competitive advantage over Amazon, and could capitalize on foreign bookstores' connections with local publishers to generate foreign language content for the nook... It would also allow other booksellers abroad to carry some of the development costs for that foreign language content, and possibly give existing American publishers access to other markets as well... Thoughts?