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    Error:  "This file has already been added to your library. (Download: 1013)"

      I, like many others, am receiving the "This file has already been added to your library. (Download: 1013)" error message when trying to open the content ("read now" or "download") I have purchased from the Barnes and Noble website.  I have tried closing the Nook for PC program.  I have tried restarting the computer.  I have tried renaming and deleting the database file.  I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the Nook for PC program.  I have tried the "archive/unarchive" trick.  I have tried installing the latest version of Adobe Reader.  I have even made edits to the regedit in hopes of correcting this error.  However, it has all been to no avail.  So, now I turn to the community at the Barnes and Noble online forum, since the Barnes and Noble support chat is closed and the telephone prompts tell you to use the chat.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for me?  This seems to be a pretty serious error that Barnes and Noble have been overlooking for some time now.  I, honestly, would like a refund, but Barnes and Noble will not refund Nook purchases.  Ah, I should also mention that in the order status online the status is:  "In your NOOK Library".  When I go to "My Nook Library" online, the magazine title does appear under "bought", but only has the options of "Subscribe" and "Buy Current Issue".  Is Nook just very slow to process this purchase (it has been over two hours now) or am I doing something incorrectly?

      OS:  Windows 7, 64-bit.


      Edit:  All Nook items in my library (active or archived) are behaving in this way.

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          Well, I found one (fairly unsatisfying) way around this issue.  I created a new user account on my computer and ran the Nook for PC program from their without a hitch.  The magazine I recently purchased worked wonderfully in the new user account, so I the folder it was in (the folder was in My Documents >  My Barnes & Noble eBooks > e-mail_address) over to my original account and placed it in the same location (only this time in the original user's account -- Computer > Disk Drive > Users > Original Username > My Documents).  I then opened Nook for PC in the original user account and drug the .epub file (located in the folder named after your e-mail address -- My Documents > My Barnes & Noble eBooks > e-mail_address) into the program.  The magazine worked!  Once this was completed, I went back into the library (still logged into the original account and without transferring anymore files) and all of the content seems to be working properly.  I suppose the program just needed to find the actual library on the computer again.


          Anyways, so things seem to be working well now.  It is a bit of a process, but I hope this helps someone in the future!