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    1.4.1 Update magazine problem

      I successfully updated my NC  this afternoon (sideloaded). Whn I read my magazine now (I zoom in then pan around the page) the top entence of the page is cut off. When I scroll the page down it stops before reaching the top of the page of the magazine. Whe I scroll the other direction then there is a large blank space below the bottom of the page. I archived the mag and unarchived it redownloaded to my NC and the problem persists. Quite annoying. I realize that others may use article view to read and mayeven not zoom into read outside article view but at 56 my vision needs the zoom in and I have been reading this magazine since getting my NC in June without his kind of problem.


      Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance for the assistance



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          I've tried with the 5 different magazines I subscribe too and have no issues like you describe. It's not a Nook issue, it's a formatting issue with that particular magazine. Contact the publisher.

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            I have the same problem after the NC 1.4.1 update, did you ever find a solution?  The only way I can read magazines now is in landscape mode.




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              SIGal67:  This IS a nook issue.  "Contact the publisher" is not a helpful suggestion.  My subscriptions to HBR, The Writer, and Guitar World are all affected in the same way Jack described.  The update makes my magazine subscriptions unreadable except when viewing in landscape mode.




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                The original poster may be aware of this by now, but I can duplicate the magazine problem he reported on NT devices on display at B&N stores (and I observe the same problem on my NC and my wife's NC), so this is likely a "feature" of the new magazine reader in the 1.4.1 software for NC and NT devices.  There probably is no solution beyond downgrading to a previous version of the software or waiting for the next version that may or may not fix the bug. 




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                  My apologies for not getting on this page sooner and posting.


                  I too discovered this, the first couple of days after the firmware was released and I had it downloaded in the store (I was waiting for a car repair across the street).

                  After the store clerk who helpfully downloaded the firmware for me, I went back to the car dealer to complete the update process.  Well...... I went back across the street to show her the problem.  The top inch or so is cut off in portrait mode while a lot of extra empty space is added to the bottom.


                  The problem affects all magazines.  It was not one specific magazine subscription as a couple of helpful posters here stated but the problem boiled down to the Nook.  I've been in computers and tech support and engineering for too many years to not recognize a firmware problem.


                  She told me she was going to tell her in store tech person, not sure if that happened or not. 


                  I did not notice the missing thumbnail numbers until I got home (having the thumbnail pages pop up/out is nice but - I REALLY like having the page numbers that go with them).

                  When I got home (at least my car repair was smooth and seamless), I got on to chat first with a B & N support person.

                  That was not very successfull and he had me call the toll free support number.


                  I did that and after SEVERAL attempts EACH of:

                  == Archiving and Un-archiving magazines,

                  == reinstalling the firmware and

                  == default resets

                    --- the problem STILL exists


                  This problem only equates to the firmware update.  And after working with software since the early 80s, this looks to be a firmware problem - I might look into ROLLING BACK to the previous firmware version...


                  I have been patiently waiting since last month for a fix but nada.  Soooo, I sent a polite 'steaming' email to their support team a couple of hours ago saying 'Hello....  is there a fix for this problem yet for us???'


                  Maybe after all of the other postings here and in other Nook problems & complaint blogs, B & N might get this fixed posthaste...


                  Thanks for all your info Dr CTF and SIGal67. We'll see what happens next.

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                    " We'll see what happens next."


                    B&N released firmware 1.4.2 for the NC and it does NOT fix the magazine-cropping bug introduced in version 1.4 so paying customers with magazine subscriptions will wait even longer (another 60 days or more?) for a fix.  I assumed B&N would be responsive to problems with the reader applications and would strive to provide the best *reading experience* but maybe I was mistaken?








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                      Dr_CTF - thought I'd go into the store again to see what the Nook manager would say about this existing problem.


                      NADA! ZIP!  I showed it to the Nook manager and one of her team - and we also replicated the problem on the Nook Tablet. 

                      But - no detailed trouble report or ticket was taken to pass on to tech support... To be honest, I do not know if she did this activity after I left the store...


                      So, the problem of 'BAD MAGAZINE PAGE FORMATTING' exists across all the platforms.  And after explaining ad nauseum to multiple people, it seems no one gets it.  No one cares or they are working on it and not saying anything. Which if they are working on it - very stupid to not say anything.


                      I am going to break down and just take some pix of the problem and send them in to the Executive staff at Barnes and Noble hq.   I was on the verge of just emailing the damn device in them and say fix this problem.


                      As it is, I am not purchasing any more magazines through Barnes and Noble for the reader. At least not until they fix the problem of page formatting.


                      As a side note, with these last two firmware updates, when you have a magazine page enlarged and you tap the screen to go to the next page.  Does your device make it flip, incorrectly, to the lower right of the next page or does it correctly flip to the upper left of the next page so you don't have to manually shift the page to the upper left quadrant?


                      Take care.

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                        I am happy that my nook color finally works as advertised, that the latest update mostly restores the functionality of the device.

                        But it is extremely peculiar that B&N let an annoying bug that interferes with reading purchased B&N content fester for 6+ months, especially without informing CS or other nook reps of the problem, thereby wasting valuable customer time. Maybe B&N was too busy selling more nooks with Angry Birds and Netflix than figuring out how to collect and respond to customer-reported issues. It really drives home that the nook business is still apparently managed like a deadwood bookseller (an inefficient one at that): all nook problems, like deadwood book problems, can be fixed by replacing the device or by showing the customer that they're using it wrong, or something.


                        If customers feel like the only option is to contact the executive board to fix such a simple but annoying and long-standing software issue, then something is seriously wrong in the organizational structure. For what it's worth, I have yet to find similar rookie software issues in any of the kindle devices but there are still several remaining in the nook. For example:


                        1. No clock or battery status indicator in the magazine reader. (The nook comic reader still works great, it never had the page chop-off bug but it seemingly duplicates the function of the magazine reader)

                        2. Page-advance in the magazine reader through tapping does not reset the view to the upper left quadrant, the most logical location. Perhaps this is a feature, in case a magazine has flip-book animation or something.

                        3. Highlights and notes in the epub reader do not work properly, never have and likely never will in the current generation of nooks. (Highlighting and dictionary lookups regularly crash the N1E reader and that bug was never fixed.) Current problems range from highlighted regions randomly deviating from the selected regions, inability to highlight hyphenated words at the edge of the page without changing the font size first, and inability to highlight across nook-paginated page boundaries.


                        I have given up hope that the nook devices will advance reading to the "next level" appropriate for the technology. Wouldn't it be nice to, say, browse the bookmarked pages from all or a subset of purchased magazine issues? Analogous to clipping pages from cooking magazines into a binder.