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    Where is the Genealogy App?

      Lots of kids games and shoot-em-ups for teens. How about getting a reasonable app for adult Genealogists. Android Market already has a good one in GenStar Pro.


      Because the stock Nook Color doesn't have a single Genealogy I have rooted my Color just so I can run this app.

      I teach genealogy and am recommending against getting a Color and the purchase of a tablet until this genealogy app is made available unless the student is tech savy and willing to get a N2A chip or do the root themselves.


      B&N is missing out on thousands of sales to adults.

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          B&N doesn't create the apps.  They come from some of the same people that provide the vesions for the Android market place.  You should communicate your wish for a NC version to the people who created GenStar Pro.

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            Roger_Ohio;  There is Ancestry App on the B&N App Store it looks to me like something the Ancestry.com folks created.

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              I just found the Ancestry app recently, but I really like it.  I've only been researching family history since 2009, but it's a fascinating hobby.  I primarily use the app to view/share my info offline (I don't have a permanent wifi connection), and find it great to let the kids scroll through their family tree and learn a little bit about their ancestors.  It's much easier to let them use than the website or even the phone app. 


              Looking through the reviews I'm surprised by the number of people who seem to think they can download the app and have their family history just be there, without doing any work.  Genealogy is fun, but it definitely requires some effort be put into it.  I didn't think that was a secret.