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    Music App, artwork for the NOOK Color

      I am trying to add mp3 music files onto my NOOK Color and after doing so, I am not seeing the album cover artwork on my NOOK Color when I go into the Music App and play the music files--which are seemingly playing just fine. I imported the music files onto my laptop via iTunes and moved the files onto the NOOK Color.


      Do I need to include a JPG-type file of the artwork in the folder (like, copy the image file from iTunes and paste it into the album folder, saving it as the album title ___.JPG)? How do I actually associate the artwork to each/all of the music files on the NOOK Color? I don't always have to take steps to do that in iTunes, but when I do, the iTunes interface allows for me to copy/paste artwork. I have not discovered such an option/interface within the Music App.


      Thanks in advance of your help, suggestions.

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          See this thread:




          If that doesn't do the trick, you may need to download an mp3 tag editor and re-tag your mp3s.  This one is free:


          http://www.mp3tag.de/en/  HTH

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              Thanks roxmysoxGA and GDJ. We were able to figure it out not long after posting the discussion. We simply copied the artwork image out of iTunes and pasted the .JPG file into the album's folder. That seemed to work.


              One other question...which might be in another thread...I'll look around, but...how does the Nook Color Music app handle music files stored on a micro-SD card? Once that card is inserted into the Nook Color, it really isn't a part of the My Files "hard drive" inside the Nook Color, is it? If the card shows up separately, as it's own hard drive/memory component, will the Nook Color Music app automatically recognize those files on the card and format the folders/albums/songs like it does for those music files stored in the Music folder of My Files?


              What we are trying to do here is "create" a micro-SD card of music and save the Nook Color's 1GB hard drive for just Nook-formatted books, mags, newspapers...


              Once again, any help, guidance from the kind folks on here would be greatly appreciated...

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              I was not able to get my .mp3 files that were ripped by iTunes to display artwork.  As posted above, you could try a tag editor.  This takes time, both to figure out how to use the software and then do the work.  I had much better luck with using Windows Media Player to rip music.  You do have to download a free .mp3 codec to allow WMP to rip to .mp3.  That was a onetime thing and was very easy.  I believe I read somewhere that WMP installed on newer computers already has that.  I am still using an old XP computer.  Music that I purchased on Amazon does properly show the artwork.