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    US vs GB Sales?

      Greet's everybody!

      Quick question for anybody who might have an answer... be it even just a guess maybe?

      Has anyone received any sales other than US sales? I've checked the UK site, the books I have uploaded in the past are all there, I've got quite a few published in-fact. I have yet to see any sales other than US however.

      I'm not really too good on keeping up on my current events, so I may simply be missing out on something obvious that everyone knows about but me. I could take a guess, or go hunting around for a reason or two (which I may end up doing) but I figured I'd just ask incase anyone had a quick "off the top" answer.

      Thanks a bunch for reading this,

      Have a good one :smileywink:

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          I've only received US sales, also.  I don't think this is too unusual, though.  The Nook in the UK is a new thing.  In comparison, the Kindle and the Kobo eReader have both been available there for quite a long time.  Most people who own an eReader in the UK already are those who own a Kindle or Kobo eReader.


          There's probably a few who grabbed a Nook, but they probably aren't out buying everyone ever's books, so most of us aren't seeing UK sales yet.  I imagine this will change after Christmas time when people get/give the new Nooks as presents(especially considering the new lower price on the Nook SimpleTouch).  They're an easier impulse buy/random gift on a whim since they'll be in physical stores in the UK as opposed to Kindles being mostly online and I think Kobo eReaders currently aren't in any/many stores but I'm not sure.  

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            I have not yet had any UK sales, either.

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              Have no fear! I can confirm that people are buying books there. I've sold 4 in the UK and they registered on my sales list. I also sort of think that the chronic pubit technical difficulty thing has something to do with this too. I have zero proof of that but it's just an idea. :smileyhappy: