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    Network Problem during setup

      Just got my Nook HD and during setup it asks me to connect to Wi-Fi, which I do (says service is excellent) When I press continue with setup it tells me that a "network related error occurred. You may have lost connectivy to the local wireless network" Does anybody know what's going on? It's frustrating to not even be able to setup a new device.

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          It might have to do with B&N's servers. I know that there seems to be a lot of issues lately.


          People are not being able to connect to the ship, and so forth.


          Try again in a few hours.



          The other possibility is that your network is connecting but there is something else going wrong. What type of router do you have? What type of encryption etc?

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            I tried several times and got the same thing. All I did was unplug the router, waited a minute or 2 and the next thing I knew everything was as it should be and my new nook hd was registered. hopefully this, as simple as it is, will work for you or anyone else for that matter. IF the issue has not been resolved already,

            GOOD LUCK!