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    Nook Color WIFI Problem

      I am also having a problem with the nook color connecting to my WiFi network. I called technical support and the first thing the guy tried to do was brush me off by telling me to call back after I tried connecting to another wireless network.


      I had already told him that I have three other devices working correctly on my wireless network. And I had already told him that I have already reset my wireless router to factory, changed the wireless network to no encryption, straight 54G, no isolation etc etc..  No matter, he still tried to get me off the phone by telling me to go to a B&N store and try connecting there.


      I understand that he is reading from a script, and I understand that the front line tech people are normally about as technically adept as my dog. It's cheaper that way, I get it.  What I don't understand (as in, don't appreciate) is when tech support tries to push me off like that. They know there is a problem with some of the Nooks. How do I know that? When I told him that I wasn't going to let him brush me off he put me on hold. He came back on the line within 2 minutes (no lie) and said, "That particular nook color seems to have a problem with it's wireless connections. You bought it at Best Buy so what you need to do is.... shhhhhhhh...click."  No kidding, at that exact moment the VoIP system they use decided to drop the connection!! How perfect is that?! I called tech support because my nook color wouldn't maintain a connection to the network and they dropped the call!!


      So.. I will call back and try to find out what the last part of that sentence was going to be ( I presume it was that I need to exchange it, probably for another one from the same batch); but I wanted to take a second to thank Barnes and Noble for a few things:


      1. Thank you for worrying more about cost than quality: I totally understand that in these tough economic times you have to do everything possible to ensure your profit margins. Even if that means overcharging for your e-reader and your e-books. Obviously there are those of us who will ante up and pay for what we hope is a quality device specifically tuned to enjoying books.


      2. Thank you for saving money on your technical support by outsourcing it to a place where voice connectivity is so limited that you can't even keep your IP network up reliably. I know it's tough to pay for that extra few Mb of bandwidth to Phillipines, India or wherever you have chosen to route your support calls.


      3. Thank you for developing a support script which ensures that customers who don't know any better will have to call back after wasting their time and going to a B&N store to try connecting to their WiFi only to have it fail also. It really is nice to know that your support staff isn't burdened by having to do any actual troubleshooting.


      4. Thank you for employing technical support staff that can barely read the support script let alone troubleshoot a problem. I appreciate that you have gone out of your way to ensure that only the customer really has to do any work to figure out what is wrong with the $250 device we bought so that we can save roughly $0.10 per dollar on books. It's nice to know that, in the end, you are really only thinking of us.


      5. Thank you for setting the device up so that to wipe/deregister the device, it has to be connected to a network. That way when I decide that my test of the nook color was a complete failure because it doesn't work reliably on wireless networks, I can't wipe it before I return it.


      6. And last but not least... Thank you for selling these units at Best Buy so that people like me can easily buy them to try them out for a week and then, once we see how poorly planned and supported they are, return them with as little hassle as possible.


      Yours Truly,

      A New Kindle Customer.



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          Seriously, the WIFI never works. I have a very strong WIFI connection in my home and I even had to call my wireless router support staff to change the setting to the "WPA/WPA2 PSK" setting after searching NOOK color forums for hours to solve that problem. Now it just never connects. I cannot go to the book store on it EVER.


          Why does it suck?

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            If you havn't gotten rid of your NC I am a Computer Tech.  I've never had any issue connecting my NC to my wifi or almost any other wifi with BWW being the rare exception.  If you can give me more info about your network I might be able to help.


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                My nc will not connect to our lynksys 54g router.  We have two computers that work fine.  The nc keeps reading "obtaining IP address" and then it says "remembered, secured with WEP" and then "Disabled, secured with WEP"


                Any suggestions?

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                  I just bought two eBook readers, the Amazon Kindle Fire for my wife, and the B&N Nook Color for myself.

                  Upon arriving home and connecting the two devices, the Amazon Kindle told my wife "Welcome", but my Nook Color tell me that there is no internet connectivity.

                  The following devices have absolutely no problem on my Wifi connection:


                  Samsung Nexus S (Telephone)

                  Samsung N100 netbook

                  Pinnacle Internet Radio Soundbridge

                  Amazon Kindle Fire



                  The only thing that has a problem is my


                  Barnes & Noble Nook Color


                  The "Network status" message on my Nook says that it is connected to my WiFi but that there is no network connectivity.  ("Connected but no Internet")



                  My WiFi router is a Buffalo WZR-RS-G54 and I can see in the "clients" list that my Nook has associated with the WiFi and gotten a IP address.


                  I have found many posts from people with the same or similar problem and different WiFi routers, so B&N really can't claime that this is a "Problem with the Router".

                  Has anyone found any proper explanation for this problem or at least some technical documentation for the Nook WiFi system?


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                  xlntech1 - had you posted the make and model of your wifi router and some specifics of its setup and the particular issues/errors you were getting, someone here very likely could have helped.


                  I have had no problems connecting my NC (or my N2E) to my home wifi (also 802.11g only network, using WPA2 encryption), my work wifi, and several public hotspots (both AT&T and others).  The device works very well as advertised for most people, and for those having problems, simply providing some details and asking for help will most likely solve the probelm(s).

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                      More details and less bashing tech support will probably get you up and running. I have a wireless N router and never have any problems connecting my NC or any other device with the exception of my sisters Windows 7 notebook and that was resolved by rebooting both the router and the notebook.


                      If you want to post your router model and settings you will get all the help you need. If your router is older it might need to be replaced. This is not a reflection on the Nook Color as much as technology changes and devices like routers don't always keep up even with firmware updates.

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                        I'm having a similar problem that started two days ago. I hadn't had any problems previously, and haven't changed anything about my network. My NC says it is connected, but that there is no internet connection. I've tested my router and internet connection by connecting to it with other devices, and have no problem. I have a really strong signal, everything else clearly shows that there IS internet -  it works like a charm. It's just the NC that has a problem with it.


                        Not sure what's going on, but I have downloaded the new update to see if that will help. But maybe some of the NC's just have internal issues and others don't. Who knows?


                        Ok. Just downloaded the update and it still says "Connected, no internet". Oh, well. Oh, and I have also turned the NC on and off, and have turned the Wi-Fi on and off so that it can refresh. Oh, well.


                        If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them! My NC has been perfect up until now, and I guess I can work around not having internet access, but it will be a bit frustrating.


                        Thanks everyone