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    Nook notification sound change?



      I have an issue with my nook notification sound for when I get emails. The sound used to be a whooshing noise but now it's a light cellphone like ringing that I am not okay with. This isn't good for me because even when my nook is off, my notifications will at time sound; the whooshing sound was discreet but whereas I am in college, I believe the ringing sound would be a disturbance. Plus it just doesn't sound as appealing.


      The sounds that play when raising the volume have changed as well. Is this a universal change and can I somehow get the sound back to normal?

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          No, there is no way to change the default email sound. Although, if you download the free ap TextNow, you can easily change your text notification sounds by going under settings.
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            Gosh, well that's inconvenient. Why in the world did it just suddenly change? I really dont like it. I will try the app you mentioned. Thanks so much.



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              Hi Yellowspotlight. I'm very new to the Nook HD+ tablet but I think I might be able to help you if I'm understanding your question correctly. On my Nook HD+ if I go to "Settings" (from a shortcut I put on my tabletop), then "Applications", then "Email", then long hold the Email account (I only have 1) in the list on the left, it takes me to another screen, and about 2/3 of the way down there's an option to "Choose ringtone". I'm using the most recent Nook HD+ update -- 2.1.1. (Ironically, when my tablet did its own auto-update it stopped at 2.1.0. I had to go and manually update to 2.1.1.) Hope this helps.


              (Also...there's an option to turn the Notifications ringtone down to make it less intrusive. I have mine turned down as low as it'll go without completely turning it off. It's located at the "Settings"/ General tab.)