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    Getting Sales

      It's been two months with my cookbook on the market, and sales are dismal. I told all of my grad school classmates, some business connections, and other people about it, and my photographer posted on her blog about it, but sales remain dismal. Many people have genuinely said they love my book, but there has been no uptick in sales. I don't have a lot of time to spend rewritting or remarketing, but what can I do? Are people just reading the samples and deciding that's enough for them? Can I change the length of the sample?

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          The thing is, I and a number of other authors here think there's something going on in the back end/code at NookPress.  My personal opinion is that we're on some kind of rolling blackout on the servers, like eBay denies doing to its sellers (while charging them full fees, of course).  


          Case in point: I'll have zero sales for days. Right now I'm going on 5 days of zero sales.  But, the previous week, I got 8/3/5/5/4/2 sales. The previous week, people were buying my books more or less consistently. This week? I guess they're just not finding me. Figure that one out? Rolling blackout is one possible explanation. That would be slimy, but...not actionable.


          Another is that people really aren't buying ANYTHING for days on end, and then suddenly are for a week, and then aren't again. It could happen.


          Another is that they're just adding up sales and posting them to our accounts in bunches. That would be okay, but disheartening.


          Another is that sales are happening and we're not being told/paid for them. That would be actionable, but of course we can't prove anything. :smileysad:

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            Teenbaker -- the solution is to write another cookbook (or something else similar to your cookbook). The sad truth is, potential buyers are reluctant to buy an author's one book. But if you come out with your fifth book, people are more willing to try it -- and if they like that fifth book, readers will go back and surf the listings for your first four books.