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    Really poor attitude toward "price adjustment"

      11 days ago when my Chinese ipad clone went south I immediately went out and bought a Nook HD with which I am delighted. The other day I happened to stop into B&N near me where I bought the tab to look at covers (add-on sale!) and I found the price had gone down $20.


      I had been pleased to see that the Nook had a 14 day return window although I had no intention of using it but I'd already resisted returning the $129 brick and mortar Nook and buying a (perfectly good) refurb for $70. I did decide to go into the local B&N and get a credit since logically I could always return the tablet for a $129 refund and buy it again for $109. Giving up the difference gracefully is Retail 101. *Any store that takes returns does this cheerfully, if reluctantly.*


      The girls at the Nook counter sent me to the register who sent me to the floor manager, all by his lonesome at a terrminal. When I told him why I was there, he said, "Who sent you to me? They know we don't do 'price adjustments.'" Then he said, what they always say these days, "Well I'll do it this once." As if I were going to bring in multiple Nooks in a shopping cart like a guy bringing in plastic bottles for the deposit.


      I did say, "If you were going to give me the credit anyway, why have an attitude about it?"


      This is why the only product I'll ever buy from B&N is a Nook and from now on I'll buy refurbs.


      Great tablet by the way.