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    Netflix-Landscape Mode?

      When I use Netflix the program opens in landscape mode and I want to turn it in the other direction, othereise I cannt prop my case up. Is there ant way to get it to open in the opposite direction? Thanks
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          I ran into that myself last night. Wasn't able to prop NC by my case and had to use my comforter. Worked fine but I was surprised that flipping the NC did not result in Netflix matching. Not too big a deal for me as I typically fall asleep within 10 minutes or so. :smileywink: Still, maybe and hopefully that will be corrected in a future upgrade of the app.



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            I have another problem that I think is all together different. When I open Netflix in landscape mode, all the images are in the correct format, that is they are right-side up, allowing proper reading and viewing the pics of the movies. Now the problem occurs when I open a movie. As I keep the NC in the same position I started with, the Netflix movie opens up-side down, making me turn the NC completely around. Easier explaination could be: previewing in landscape mode/power cord on the left. Movie loads: I have to turn NC so the power cord is on the right. What causes this and how can it be fixed? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks...