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    Flash misery....  and app store absences

      Am I doing something wrong?....


      I've had my NookHD for 2 weeks now and really struggling with online video.  I'm in the UK - looking at the major players for catch-up TV:


      BBC - iPlayer no longer works - I just get redirected to the new BBC Media Player app which isn't available in the B&N store.... so no BBC can be watched at all.


      ITV Player - website redirects to ITV player on google's android store - again - not installable on Nook and not available in B&N store....


      Channel 4 - 4oD - won't play anything because I haven't got Flash installed (*)


      And so on and so on....


      * and then you try and install flash you get redirected to the B&N store where there is an item called "Flash" - which is marked as currently unavailable - and if you try to buy/install you get a pop-up confirming it isn't available..... (although interestingly - it always lists an availability date of the current date?!)......(and also interestingly - this item doesn't appear if you go to the B&N store and search direct - only via weblinks?!)


      Wherever I go I either get directed to the non-available Flash app in the B&N store - or I just get website refusal saying my flash is out of date.


      I appear to have bought a tablet that is completely hamstrung when it comes to online video.  Seems a little pointless - just a very expensive e-reader. 


      Looking a the B&N store on a wider basis - they have so little available - there isn't even the proper facebook app?!


      Can anyone help with my flash woes?


      Can we expect B&N to get their app offerings a bit more up-to-date?



      Or should I start regretting I didn't get a Kindle Fire?




      Sad times.  The Nook HD has so much promise and hardware that is better than its peers - but it is being badly let down by the software.




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          I got it as a "plug-in."  I went to a tv website (cbs.com, I think) and tried to play a video.  It told me I needed a Flash Player upgrade, and offered me a link.  I clicked on that, opened a new tab, and it asked me some setting preferences and then seemed to freeze.   I waited with no results, closed the tab, closed the browser.  Reopened the browser and tried it again and the video played.  In my apps, I have one labeled as "plug-in."  Seems to work.  Don't know about in the UK.




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            1) To get Flash - what Jeremy said.


            Also search on the forums. Lots of ideas for what would work.


            2) You have to identify yourself as a Full Browser and not a mobile browser. Then you can bypass all the automatic redirects to Android store etc.


            Settings > Applications > Browser > Advanced > Desktop Mode. Check that.


            3) B&N has a smaller app store. They add around 100 to 200 apps every week. Sometimes more. Over time they should have a better store. Right now a lot of the major apps are available. However, genre specific apps aren't.


            A lot of the UK specific apps won't be available until more Nook HD+s are sold.

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                I have a Nook Tablet and you can do a similar thing so that you always have the desktop site instead of mobile.  I just got the HD+ and am trying to set it up to always have the desktop sites.  Followed your direction however I did not have the selection for "Browser".  I think B&N must have taken something away in an update?  If I am on a website, I can click on the three little squares, top right of screen, and select "Request desktop site".  Unless I am missing something, it appears that has to be done on EVERY website you visit!!!  I do NOT like that at all!!

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                Hey AlbionRose - thank you!


                I was beginning to think I was going mad!


                Thank you to other posters too - but I have tried everything I have found on every forum everywhere including the methods detailed above.  Every time 1 of 3 things happens:


                1. diversion to adobe download site - where it thinks I am using Google Chrome or Linux - and offers a download of flash for one of these   (which appears varies according to whether Browser is set to desktop or mobile browing mode as detailed in the post above)


                2. Diversion to an Adobe web page saying Flash is not available for my device


                3. Diversion to the App store - to the non-available flash app I detailed above.





                You got further with c/services than I did - the chap I spoke to made no sense at all, kept repeating himself - and in the end told me to completely reset my device and all would be fine..... no prizes for guessing I did- and it wasn't- and i wasted 90 minutes sorting out all my Nook stuff back the way i like t after the reset!



                This really is a major omission for a tablet being sold as internet-savy - especially with the market as fierce as it is.  The Nook HD and HD+ are being advertised as fully internet capable - but I have long list of major websites that just don't work with it due to the lack of Flash functioning.  Arguably - the same situation happened with iPhone when it was first released - but Apps were quick to appear..... can't say the same for B&N app store.




                Final thought - is this due to software version? - my Nook HD updated itself straight out of the box to system software 2.0.4 - other posters - are your Nooks on 2.0.4 or not updated yet?



                Regards and thanks to all




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                  The $2.99 version of the Puffin Web Browser was finally the browser that supported Flash! I tried other browsers, updates and plug-ins and this was the one I got to work on a Nook HD+.