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    Is PubIt! a good idea?

      Hi, I recently finished a book and I was thinking of publishing it through PubIt!, but I'm not sure if I should try pursuing traditional publishing first. How would you market your book on PubIt!? How would you create cover art on Pubit!? After all, I am no artist. One last question, how hard is it to get an ebook from PubIt! if you don't have a nook or kindle, etc? I'm just confused because I hope that several people will read my book, but I'm not sure if PubIt! will help me reach a wide audience because you have to have electronic devices to get ebooks. 

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          I want to believe that Pubit is a good idea. I have a book out through pubit and while this month is dragging on slow as a snail, I want to believe that in the end I've made a good decision to publish indie.

          Go for it. What have you to lose? 



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              Pubit is a great idea for a first time author with no background of success.

              What possibly hbad could come of it?

              If you do really great, you may get a traditional publisher to come calling.

              If you just do great, then you can make a thousand bucks in extra income each month.

              If you merely do ok, then you can make a hundred bucks in extra income each month and no harm done.

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              It is very well worth it.  Just like the above said what do you have to lose?  Also iphones, ipads, etc all have applications for the nook and kindle so it is not just the actual devices that are being used to purchace.  Not sure about other phones and devices but I am sure there are apps for those as well.  Also with the nook you can download it and read on your computer. 

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                Tyler - the thing you have to remember with going Indie is you are going to have to do everything yourself. You better have a little extra money (to hire people to do stuff for you) or be willing to learn a lot of new skills. Once you go Indie you're no longer just an author, you're an interior book designer, cover creator, marketing person, etc... No one else is going to do any of these things for you unless you pay them to.


                So first you need to have a program to create covers with (or hire a cover artist). When I started out I hired someone to do my covers until I learned how to do some of them myself (I still hire out covers here and there). Next - it's up to you to give your book a professional presentation and that includes either hiring an editor or trying to do the best you can utilizing grammar maven friends who work for cheap, or by triple checking your work. Then you have to learn how to do all the interior formatting (of course for e-books it's easier, you can get away with just uploading your formatted word file, but I do paperbacks, too).


                It's important to remember that PubIt is just a distributor -- not a publisher. They merely make your book available to your readers. Gathering readers and letting them know your book is available is your job. Just by posting your book on Barnes & Noble is not enough (usually) to start making sales. You have to actively promote it.


                If you don't mind a lot of work, Indie publishing *can* be a very rewarding experience and a great deal of fun. But I have met a few authors for whom all that work turned them off of writing anything else or Indie publishing anything else. It's certainly not for everyone.  

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                    5 stars for Pubit ! It is wonderful..... I introduced my book MY Lying Eyes....A TRUE ufo STORY... a childrens book 9-12 ( Lollipopsuger ) also a Health book ( Help!!! Nuclear Radiation Symptoms and Treatments all on April 6, 2011...)on both Pubit and the other online eBook (amazon) my sales started flying off the Pubit site you can see by the reviews . On Pubit you can see my true story My Lying Eyes is a great selling book( not at .99 )with the Nuclear book getting half the sales as My Lying Eyes. My childrens book Lollipopsuger is at a slow pace, and this was my favorite one?????.

                    My other account (amazon) is 87% less sales over all. :}

                              Thanks you Barnes & Noble & Pubit Sheryl


                    see pricing & reviews below




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                      Self-publishing is the way to go these days. The traditional publishers are almost impossible to break into and if you do they will rip you off. I self-publish and am doing reasonably well (still growing).  A good friend of mine actually went the traditional route and got published in his very tiny niche. His sales are great but his royalties are almost non-existant because the publisher sucks up almost all of it.  He is now going to go self-published so he will get more of a cut.


                      It is funny how people told me the same things about hard work etc and yet the books I have not pushed at all are doing the best.  I did a few quicky books (non-fiction) just to test the e-publishing waters and to my surprise they are accounting for 80% of my royalties right now.  One of them has gone pretty high on Amazon. With no effort or promotion on my part.  Even the cover was just a slap together with MS Paint.


                      The books I've been promoting are not doing so well (but not dead either) but as I continue in the niche sales are growing. Hopefully soon I will be filthy stinking rich and can retire to my own private island. :smileyhappy:

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                          Hello, since I posted a plea last week regarding whether to opt in or out for B&N's PubIt since Smashwords distributes here too, I thought I'd post what I found out about this issue.


                          Some of you may already know this, but I couldn't find the information by doing a search of the topics in B&N Community which is why I posed the question.


                          1. Do publish your books with Smashwords so you can reach the lesser markets too. Instruction and style guide on the website.


                          2. When you publish with Smashwords, on the page where you're filling out the book info and setting the upload file, there is a section that lists all the different ebook formats from .epub to mobi to all the computer download file formats. Choose all of them so that your book will be converted to all the formats available.


                          3. When your book has been converted and published, go to your Dashboard, to Distribution Channel. Your book cover will be shown with boxes to check to opt in and opt out.


                          4. For Nook, if you want to publish directly via PubIt, as I determined was best, OPT OUT, for B&N.


                          5. Same with Kindle, if you want to upload directly to Kindle, OPT OUT for them.


                          6. The rest of the formats converted will be offered for Palm, Sony, Diesel Books, Kobo, and Apple bookstores IF your converted manuscript has no errors. Those with no errors are eligible for their premium catalog and that's how you get in the iBookstores which is a big deal. I know you can get PubIt app for iPad and iPhone but being in the iBookstores is desirable.


                          Hope this helps someone else since it took me a while to figure all this out.



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                        I am also quite new to Pubit!, but after years of seeking traditional publication for my three completed novels, I decided to be a bit more proactive. One of my biggest drawbacks as a writer is that I am not genre specific; that is I do not write in just one area such as horror, romance, sci-fi,e etc....of the seven works I have so far begun, only two live in the same pigeonhole.


                        Oftentimes, the agents queried don't bother making any reply, but those who did opened my eyes.  I would receive compliments/appreciation for my style, the way my characters developed, my storylines....but the bottom line has always been...'but I can't market you.'  Translation: my name is not Stephen King, Anne Rice, or Jane Austen, nor am I a close friend or relative of any of the aforementioned authors or of anyone else in the industry, hence, I have no 'hook', no network, no name recognition behind my work that will get me in front of a publishing house editor.


                        This is the catch 22 of the publication business, you are nobody til somebody publishes you, but you have to be somebody to get published in the first place.  So called "contests" work pretty much the same way....the entry fee is really a reading fee and it has been my experience that even the contests who claim to be giving an outlet to the voice that hasn't yet been heard, tend to give it (the 'prize' of traditional publication) to someone who already has some sort of foothold in the industry.


                        I considered PODs, but there were too many pitfalls involved and no quick way to get the books into brick & mortar sales in spite of the up front fees. Many want to sell marketing packages that can be quite expensive, some just ship you a box of books & you're on your own. 


                        Then I got the email about Pubit! and started thinking....from thinking about it to planning it to deciding which novel would stand the best chance of catching public notice and from their to reformating to epub specifications.  I am not extremely computer literate, but it was a much easier process than I thought it would be. Even creating my own book cover was not overly difficult. When I look through the lists of Pubit! books, the ones with  no cover really do no present was well as those that have it; the advice given in the Pubit! FAQs on that subject were truly quite accurate.


                        There is still the marketing angle to be considered. I have found a lot of good hints in the threads about marketing, have created my own website, put that website url on my profile page of every site I belong to & of course, am making ample use of the good old fashioned word of mouth.  


                        I do not expect it to happen overnight, but now I feel that I have a more active part in the process. 


                        So yes, from my POV, this is definitely a good idea.



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                          I have fifteen books on Pubit (Barnes & Noble) and I receive royalties every month. My bank account is not complaining. I also publish on Amazon, Smashwords and Lulu. It is an excellent way to build a passive income and an even better a tool to get your work out to the masses. 


                          Remember, you can always pull your book later on if you are offered a lucrative traditional publisher deal.


                          Author of "eBook Magic: An Overall Approach to Writing and Selling E-books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Everywhere Else" 







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                              Can I upload the SAME book on both NOOK and Kindle?  I'm going through the forums and FAQ's but not seeing anything that spells it out.  I'm about to upload my first book to PubIt and want to be sure if I upload it on Kindle that I'm not breaking any rules. 


                              Since you publish on both, I'm hoping you know.  Thanks!

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                                  You can certainly sell your eBooks at other retailers as well.


                                  "Publisher grants Barnes & Noble the non-exclusive and irrevocable rights set forth in this Section VII on a worldwide basis;..."


                                  Here is a link to our "Terms & Conditions" page, which explains in greater detail:


                                  Also, please note the following service policies:


                                  "Publisher will, at all times, ensure that the eBook List Price:


                                     1. Is no greater than the eBook's List Price at any other retailer, website, or sales channel.
                                     2. Is no greater than the eBook's print edition (if applicable)."



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                                      I have a book on Pubit! and nowhere else.

                                      I won't publish at Amazon because they have the right to set the list price. That means they can set the price of an ebook lower than anywhere else.  That undercuts BN if they set your book's price lower.

                                      Does anyone know if you can give your ebook to libraries only for free and not anywhere else.


                                      I read about Axis 360 and hope that takes off.

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                                  ADVICE FOR NEWBIES: 

                                  If you can get everything done right The First Time... yes! 


                                  Because God help you if you make a mistake somewhere along the line and actually need some support with a real person, even through emails... B&N will NOT RESPOND! 





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                                    I would have to say no. I had high hopes starting out for my own book, but for some strange reason BN wouldn't even give my book a free sample button so that prospective readers might check it out before committing to a purchase. Sales have been very difficult to come by as a result. Emails sent to Pubit! have all gone unanswered. Amazon on the other hand has been great and sales there have been consistent. It's almost as if Pubit! is indifferent. My advice would be not even to waste your time. They clearly don't give a damn about authors choosing to publish on their platform.

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                                        Okay, so I'm halfway through a manuscript. Once I finish editing and all, I plan to pursue agents and publishing houses. If I'm querying agents, should I have my book on Pubit! at the same time? Or should I pull it off for exclusives and other various reasons? 

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                                            Make sure your ms is in the best shape possible before you do anything.

                                            It is better to self publish now.

                                            Agents and publishers don't take on a lot of new writers and not in this economy.

                                            Good luck and post when you upload or if you need any help uploading.