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    Calender nookbook



      2011 Daily Calendar for NOOK












      Has anyone tried this out yet?

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          I have no desire to have a calendar on my Nook.  I currently use Google calendar and it syncs to everything I use. 

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            This calendar is "read-only" .. it has no capability for notes or scheduling.  There are free options for similar catalogs online .. look for a pdf format and you can sideload to your nook .. even create a shelf for it for easy access.

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              Yes, I got it.  It stinks!  You have the same functionality as the calendar on the back of your checkbook register.  Unfortunately, you cannot return an ebook purchase - so I guess I'm the sucker!

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                  Is it a daily calendar or a monthly calendar? Does it change the date every day? Also, is this stored in your library or on your screensavers? I am not sure how this even would work b/c if you choose to display a screensaver it picks one pic from the folder and displays it at random everytime your nook powers off..


                  I didn't purchase it b/c I can see no way of it working correctly. I would want it to display the days date whenever the nook powered off and then at midnight, it would automatically change to the next days date.