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    NOOK Friends beta Lend Me function

      Prior to the update I was able to borrow and lend books with the Lend Me function. Now that I've updated, I have no "friends" despite the fact that:


      a. They already existed as a Lend Me friend prior to update

      b. I've sent a new request with the beta version

      c. They sent me a request as well (with the beta version)


      I have not received their request, nor have they received mine. While I can see what my "friends" are "up to"- they don't show up in the lending feature.


      The Lend Me function was one of the two top reasons I purchased this device. The other being the ability to borrow from the public library.


      Is anyone else having Lend Me problems? Is anyone NOT having a Lend Me problem after the update?


      Thank you!

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          I have the same issue as well as 2 of my other friends. I was on the phone with tech support for 45 mins just dealing with the update only to be back on the phone half hr later after finding out nook friends beta wasn't working. Tech support informed me that becuz it's Beta (new; in the works) that they are working on it .... i loved being able to lend and now i can't. it's frustrating. :smileysad: can't wait til they fix the glitch and all of us "nookers" can be complete again.

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              The lendme is a mess. I cannot get friends to show up on my nook. BUT, one of them has books showing up in my "can borrow" selection on the nook. 


              A friend has lent me the first 2 books in a series. The first one, I had to wait a week and resend the offer since the first one didn't go through. Post update, the second attempt worked. I also got the second book. But the third one she tried to lend me to day is a no-go. The offer has not shown up anywhere. It looks like I'm going to have to wait a week for the offer to expire and have her try again.


              I've tried adding that same buddy as a friend on my nook, but it never goes through.


              Yes, I'm getting a touch frustrated. What frustrates me most of all is the lack of communication from BN about the nature of the problems and an awareness of them. I don't expect instant fixes. But I don't think I should have to dig so hard to find out what is a known bug. 


              They could be proactive and say "Here is a list of the issues people have reported. Click here to inform us of any problems not on this list." 


              It's not life and death. But by being proactive and open, they could get ahead of this and diffuse a lot of the frustration we have. Slapping a 'beta' label on an application is NOT the same thing.

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                  Had some similar problems with nook friends app but was able to get it to work by adding my friends to my contacts app and nook friends, and they did the same. We all had to reboot too. At least it seems to work so far. Just thought that it might be worth trying. Let me know if you have any luck.
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                Im having no problems at all. im not sure if it has to do with the fact that before the update i didnt have an nook friends or had never even used the lend me app, mainly because i had no friends, i dont know anybody who has a nook. Now ive found some friends an dont seem to have a problem with it. But that could be because i didnt have it before. just sharing my experience!

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                    I just got my 3rd Lend me...been a free week for me!:smileyhappy: LOVE IT...BUT...Here we go my question. I just copied n Pasted from asking somewhere else... Here is a question.... Nook Touch Nook Classic Lend me. IN the Nook Classic I can lend a book out to ANYBODY,period,no need to have a nook friend,there IS no nook friend app....how do we lend through the NOOK TOUCH without getting everybody to be your " NOOK FRIEND"???? Just curious,I have NOT figured out how to lend via Nook Touch...UNLESS they are Nook friends..SO NOOK CLASSIC People Look Out!! PPL who are buying NOOK 2 are NOT going to be able to send you lend me books,,tricky tricky huh! SO everybody buys a NOOK 2,can not lend to Nook Classic Ppl...Hmmmm OR did I miss something???lol
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                    any word yet on when the beta version will be fixed?

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                      i am having the EXACT same problem and there are 10 of us up here a work that have the CN and they are also having the same problem,,,,