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    I am sooo excited I have to share

      Nothing may come of it, something may who knows but I am excited either way!



      Media Production Company acquires film and television rights to internationally acclaimed Zombie Fallout book series. 

      September 14, 2012 
      Terri Spaugh of Illuminandi Media announced today the film and television rights acquisition of the Zombie Fallout book series w

      ritten by author Mark Tufo. 

      The series follows the Talbot family and their fight to stay alive after the zombie apocalypse. The protagonist is family patriarch Michael Talbot, a germaphobic veteran who will do all that it takes to keep his family and friends safe in a world rapidly devoid of humans. 

      “This is not your typical zombie story,” says Spaugh. “This is really a story about an average family and all the normal life drama that comes with it, living day to day with jobs and a dog and an aggressive Home Owner’s Association, and suddenly they’re hit with the zombie Apocalypse.”

      “The zombies themselves are unique in the genre,” adds Illuminandi Media partner Shannon Jimenez. “They are definitely horrific and a threat, but that comes secondary to the human component of the family. Michael Talbot is gruff and flawed and doesn’t think too much before acting, but he loves his family and has a big heart, even though he won’t admit it. He’s definitely a complex hero, someone you root for.”

      Author Mark Tufo has been obsessed with zombies since a cousin introduced him to Dawn of the Dead at 7 years old. After writing the first book on a dare, Tufo quickly became enamored with the human element of the story. “This isn't an elite SEAL team with futuristic weaponry, it's just the every man trying to protect his family and friends the best he knows how,” says Tufo.

      Fans agree that the engaging characters are part of the appeal. According to superfan Xavier Villalobos, “Take it from a zombie lover, this is a fantastic series of books. The character of Michael Talbot is just like any male, his smart ass remarks are just what a man would say, and his wife Tracy lives up to the saying that behind every good man is a good woman.”

      Spaugh continues. “With its combination of horror, humor, and heart, we think it’s a natural successor to television shows like Buffy and Supernatural. In a lot of ways it’s like Modern Family meets The Walking Dead. We are very pleased and excited to work with the author to bring his fantastic series to life on screen.”

      Zombie Fallout has a wide and loyal fan base. The first book in the series, Zombie Fallout, received high praise from the likes of nationally best selling author John Ramsey Miller. Zombie Fallout 4, The End Has Come and Gone, reached #13 on the Amazon Best Sellers Horror List for 2011, only three spaces down from horror master Stephen King, and Book 2, A Plague Upon your Family, was among Amazon’s top wished for audio books earlier this year.