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    1.4.0 and sideloading

      I've done a lot of reading but am not a techie by any means when it comes to the issue of sideloading.

      I just got the Tablet tonight & it still has 1.4.0.  I don't want to root & have no issues buying the apps I want from the store, as I expect mostly to use the Nook for reading library books & playing the occasional game, or a tiny bit of light surfing.

      However there are a few apps I would like, if it's still possible before updating - such as the Kindle reader, maybe a game or 2, etc.  I've also read about the Amazon app store possibility?

      Is it still possible to load those apps & have them run on my Tablet?  If so, is there an easy way to do it?  And if I do that & eventually connect to wi-fi & get the 1.4.1 update, will the apps I previously loaded still run?  A brief walkthrough of options before I do anything would be greatly appreciated... Thanks for helping a newbie. :smileyhappy: