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    Where is my refund?

      On the seventh of March,I tried to purchase an e-book on my Barnes and Noble nook device. I was given an error, which said to try to complete the purchase again. I did this multiple times in a row,with the same error. I finally gave up on the purchase, and never actually completed the transaction,nor received the book electronically. A week later, while checking my bank account, I noticed there had been 20 charges to my debit card for $9.99 . I called Barnes and Noble , to have them process a refund. They admitted to having a computer error that evening, and told me that the refund would be processed within 48-72 hours.  I waited four days and called back again, as the refund was not processed. The second time I called, after nearly two hours on the phone with customer service, I was told that I needed to scan and e-mail a copy of my bank statement to prove the charges. After they received that, the rep told me it would be 48-72 hours to process the refund. I e-mailed it immediately. After another four days passed, I still had no refund. I called them again. After spending two hours on the phone with several customer service individuals, I was told that if I gave them my bank's phone number and account number, that the money would be put back into my account in 24-48 hours. Also, after I specifically asked, one man conceded to offer me a $25.00 gift card for my hassle. I made the last phone call two weeks ago, and have yet to have the money refunded to my account, nor have I received the electronic gift card that was supposed to be delivered to my e-mail account. After six hours of phone calls with customer service, I have no idea of how to get the nearly $200.00 refunded.

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          And here I was upset because a Twitter app suddenly appeared on my device. Hopefully one of the moderators will be along to help.


          You may want to contest the charges through your bank, they will look into it and deal with B&N.  I have done this with CCs before, I don't have a debit card, but I would assume there is a similar process.

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            Alex Garcia

            Hi cayem,


            I've confirmed with Customer Service your issue is being looked into.


            I'm extremely sorry for what you've experienced and certainly understand your frustration.


            Please feel free to PM me any add'l details, and I'll be glad to help.


            - Alex

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              yikes! I hope nothing bounced because of all that! The charges could add up very quickly. I'd be going crazy!


              I've had charges that needed to be reversed in the past but they were always fixed immediately. Can't understand how BN could let that much of an overcharge go on that long without fixing it. Good luck and hope you get it fixed soon.

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                Dude, you clicked the purchase button twenty times? At what point did you go, "Hmm, this is unusual?" 

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                  Wow.  I really poked the bear with my post.  In response to a few of the comments and to give an update.  To the person who made a comment about fine print.  There is no fine print.  I tried to buy an e-book.  There was an error, and it said to try again.  I didn't know how many times I clicked it.  I just really wanted the book so I kept hitting to try again.  This was no fault of my own, as I was told later by one of the many customer service reps that I spoke with, that they had a computer glitch that night, thus my getting charged many times.


                  Yes, it would have sucked if my account got overdrawn.  As this was my debit card that got charged and so it came directly out of my main checking account. Thank goodness that wasn't an issue.


                  For the people that said they haven't had an issue with customer service, I say, "Consider yourself blessed."  This has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.


                  After calling on Friday, I talked to someone and was on hold for an hour.  They gave me a new number.  That lady tried to help, but after 45 minutes said there was nothing she could do and told me to call back the main number.  I did that.  The new supervisor I was on the phone with said they had escalated the issue to management and that I would get a response in 48-72 hours.  After three weeks of dealing with this, and now in my eighth hour of phone conversations/ waiting on hold with them, I said I wasn't getting off the phone until it was resolved.  He goes back and forth with someone for another 30 minutes, keeping me on hold off and on.  He tries to tell me to call back on Monday.  Finally, he gets frustrated gives me a number here in the states to call.


                  I called this number and was amazed that a person, a real person, answered the phone.  After another thirty minutes on the phone with someone, she tells me she will look into and call me back... and she did!  She was completely horrified by the whole situation.  She said the fastest way to resolve the problem is to overnight me a check, which should go out today, and be at my house tomorrow. 


                  So, after over 9 hours on the phone either talking or being on hold, I should get a check in the mail tomorrow and a 25.00 gift card for all my trouble, which I must say at this point seems more like a pittance.