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    Contacts App

      When I wrote Mark/Space who make Fliq Calander, Fliq Notes, and Fliq Task about doing an app for contacts this is the feedback I recieved:


      OK, thanks. I'm not surprised. I've added your interest to the request to re-enforce the support for this app. That said, its really hard for me to give you much reason to expect such an app to be made. It could be, but I don't know that it would ever come about without Barnes & Noble asking us to do it, so it wouldn't hurt to contact them express your dissatisfaction with their shipping Contacts app.

      So, B&N get on the stick an make a request!

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          Now this is a request I can fully support.  Not sure the Mark/Space customer service rep had the correct information about B&N needing to "ask" that they develop an App.  However, I have read on their web site that they consider themselves partners with B&N so perhaps making our interests know at both ends will result in Mark/Space adding a contact manager to their excellent line of sync"able" Apps.  How did you contact Mark/Space?  If you provide the point of contact may be we can concentrate our requests...