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    The last update made things DIFFICULT for some of us.

      Let me begin by saying that by and large I am a satisfied customer, but recently there's been a problem.


      With the last firmware update to the NST, you removed something.


      I am speaking of the browser.


      I didn't use the browser to browse when it was there—mainly because it would simply boot me off of the browser if I tried to do anything short of simply reading a page.  That and its display was far too small to be practical for browsing.  But the browser served one indispensable purpose:  it let me log into the wifi hotspots in hotels.


      Without a browser, I can't accept the terms of service with most hotel wifi connections.  The "Wifi Login" prompt that comes up on both the NST and Tablet just hang up and never go anywhere.  At least on my Nook Tablet I can go into the browser and sign my soul over to Ethostream for use of the internet connection.


      Proposed Solution:

      I don't know.  You can either bring back the browser or make that Wifi Login screen actually DO something.  I prefer to travel with my NST than my Tablet (it's lighter, and if I'm traveling then I usually am trying to get AWAY from the Internet).  Removing the browser was shortsighted.  A workaround would be nice.

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          This was discussed in another thread, where some folks claim that hotspot login still works after the update while others say it doesn't. Since B&N didn't weigh in on that thread, it's hard to know the status of this issue.


          In the meantime, the restricted-function browser actually still exists in 1.1.0. This thread has the new workaround to access it. Possibly that might work for you when you encounter such hotspots. You could explicitly open the browser using that method. Presumably you would automatically get redirected to the login screen.

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              I'll give it a shot.  Logging in at work at any part of the hotel franchises I work at is a bit impossible right now (WiFi Login screen I get doesn't ever get anywhere past a blank screen).


              If this works, then the attempt to access my Google account should result in an automatic redirect to the Ethostream Accept/Decline page and let me log in without having to also carry my NTablet to work with me just to get my new purchases.  I'll try it tomorrow.  Thanks!