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    Problem Downloading Book Sample

      Hi - I was trying to download a sample of a book (Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization by Olivier Blanchard) on my NOOK Tablet, and I get this message when I tap the "Download Sample" button: "Unable to Download.  Internal error: Reader does not support available file type."  What does this mean?  How do I remedy this?  It says it is available on NOOK devices so it SHOULD be compatible.  Thanks for any help!

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          Hello, I am having the same problem. I tried to download a sample called "Edible Wild Plants" by John Kallas, and I got the same error message. I am able to download samples from other books. I contacted B&n but there initial suggestions did not work. They then told me it could be a problem with my credit card aand I need to deregister and enter my card again, but I don't want to deregister and reregister plus I can order samples from other books. I decided to try to download the book you are having trouble with to see if I will also get the same error message, and I did get the same error message. I am wondering if other people on this board are willing to try to download a free sample of "Social Media" and of "Edible Wild Plants" to determine if the problem is just the Op and I or also if it is a general problem. Thanks