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    Battery Question

      I had my NT charged at 100% but I haven't used it for a few days or used it little. Charged it sunday and well didn't use it until today. So it had been out idle for around 100 hours. The battery was at 90% today. Used the internet a fair amount today and it got down to about 80%, by the time I put it down for a few hours. I turned wifi off also after I was done using the internet.


      An hour later it was done to 76% and then followed by another 10% in an hour. Right now it's down to 51% but I was reading for almost 2 hours.



      This normal? It sounds wrong but I figure since it's been on idle for about five days, maybe the charge wasn't being displayed properly.

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          A problem with most Android devices (and computers in a broader sense) is that they tend to accrue applications running in the background that aren't closed completely, which sap battery power even when the device is idle. Shutting off and restarting your device to kill those processes should alleviate those problems.


          I do kinda wish BN would make a process killer available to the non-developer devices.