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    Nook Tablet Holiday Return Policy - Encountered Negative Experience at my local B&N!

      Wow, here I was hyped to think that at least B&N would be fair to those of us unhappy with the Nook Tablet by honoring their special "holiday return policy".  Well it's not as easy as it sounds....


      This evening I visited my local B&N store in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl and had my NT in its box with the cable and charger plus the receipt.  I unfortunately decided to walk up to the desk with the large "customer service" sign above and the two sales/help staff behind the counter.  When I informed them that I was there to return my NT they were a little blown away and the man who decided to help me seemed to be irritated as heck.


      We walked to the front cash wrap area and when I handed over my bag with the box, device and receipt he took a look and informed me that he could not refund the purchase of the NT.  He said he could only exchange it and when I showed him the holiday return policy (which I pulled up on my phone) he then said he could give me a store credit.  Huh???  What the heck????


      When pressed he indicated that the unit was purchased with two gift cards and I agreed, I used two of three B&N gift cards.  He said that items purchased with gift cards can't be refunded except as a store credit.  Weird????


      At this point he was increasingly rude to me as I was genuinely surprised and I kept reviewing the return policy and found no such mention.  Anyway when I asked for the store manager or his supervisor he informed me that he is "the acting store manager and as such, he does not have the authority to override company policy".  That is just dumb........I thought managers are enpowered to help customers so what was holding him up?


      He told me that I should return on Monday and see the "official store manager" to see if he would decide to reconsider the situation.  And then he handed back the bag and walked away.  No good evening, no thank you, no nothing...


      I called the 1-800 number on the holiday return policy page and was connected to technical support and a very polite man named Victor.  He was pretty surprised to hear about the situation and decided that he would issue a return box and number so I could ship the unit back and then expect a refund check (two to three weeks).  I thanked him but explained I was in need of my refund right away (planned on purchasing a tablet this weekend......Samsung Galx on sale) so he made notations on my account and advised me to see the manager on Monday.  He stood behind the return policy and B&N and assured me the store manager would be able to help.  If not, then I was entitled to the mail back return process.


      Help.  How can I get attention regarding this matter and get my money back before Saturday night?  And where can I turn to so that I can make management aware that not all "acting managers" lack policy information???


      I am very disappointed but you know, it was almost too good to be true to expect B&N's generous holiday return policy be honored by some store personnel. 


      Frustrated......and disappointed.  Any suggestions?

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          For store returns we are physically unable (literally, the POS will not allow it any other way)  to give anything other than a gift card (store credit) if you purchased the item with gift cards.

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            You may want to check general return policy. I have workked retail on and off for years. Usually holiday policies extend the timeframe allowed but does not change form of payment.if you paid cash or check,cash is given if enough time has past for check to clear. If paid by charge card the charge is reversed. If paid by gift card( in essence stote credit) store credit is given back for return. This is a policy not just solo for BN. Some chains do it this way others do not.
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              I would argue that policy also..  


              If I buy something for $100 and $50 is paid in cash and $50 is paid on a ccard. Do you give me all cash? Or refund it all back to me on my ccard?


              If I buy something for $100 and $50 is paid on ccard A and $50 is paid on a ccard B. Do refund it all on ccard A? Or refund it all back to me on my ccard B?


              I am quite sure in other stores, if I split a purchase I got back each portion in the currancy form that I used.. I would have expected the same in gift cards..


              Is there a written policy that the consumer can see stating that ?  I gave my son gift cards, I will make sure he knows about it when he is down to finishing it off and uses 50 cents to finish off the gift card,  make sure it is not on an expensive item, or make sure he is certain it will not be returned...

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                I encountered the same rude behavior at the Palm Beach Gardens store several months ago, maybe by the same manager. I hope someone calls it to his attention.
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                  I empathize with the OP situation, but I think you'll find that it is pretty standard to return gift card purchases to gift cards. Otherwise anyone unhappy with a gift card would just purchase an item and immediately return it, in effect redeeming it for cash which is not allowed; it actually is written on the back of the gift card. You might want to find someone who loves books as much as you who might be willing to take the gift cards off your hands for a 10% discount off face value.

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                    A follow up to my Nook Tablet return issues:


                    Last night I returned to my local store located in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. and when I informed the young lady at the cash register that I was there to return my NT the drama once more began.  She called for her manager or supervisor (not the store manager, it was evening time) and she politely informed me she needs help in processing a Nook return or exchange.


                    When the store supervisor or evening manager joined us I informed her that I was returning the NT because it didn't meet my needs or expectations as a small tablet.  She said that it was past the 14 day return time and if it isn't broken, she can't process the return.  When I informed her of the holiday return policy that covers my NT she argued the policy's existance!  She denied that BN has a longer holiday return policy for the Nook and so I showed her on my phone, the webpage which I clipped and saved as a pdf just in case this situation came up (2nd time at same store!).


                    Don't want to bore you all but DO want to inform B&N booksellers or employees reading these posts that a problem exists regarding the special holiday policy and customer service at my store.  


                    I found it ridiculous that someone acting as a manager isn't informed or denies that a return policy (special promo for the intro holiday sales of the Nooks) exists.  That as a customer I was treated very rudely via their tone, body language and attitude.  I had to stick it out because on both visits I was literally blown off and had to pull up a copy of the policy on my phone.  Even doing this I met stubborn resistance to a return.


                    When last night they finally returned to the front desk to tell me they would handle this as a special situation because the manager "was aware of my problem...?" she offered a store credit.  I told her I needed the entire purchase price refunded as a gift card (I didn't ask for cash) but she said the manager only authorized in store credit.


                    We then debated the difference between both terms and she finally conceded to issuing a gift card.  Whew!  I just can't believe this.


                    I share this lengthy post because I think it is important that those BN folks be aware that some serious customer service issues exist at some stores.  I really have enjoyed the Nook ereader application and will continue to purchase most ebooks from B&N but will probably avoid shopping at my local store in the future.  Shame but honestly, to have a supervisor or acting manager insinuate that I am making up a B&N policy is unacceptable.  All smiles till a problem comes up and then they show their claws.  Wow.