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      I truly LOVE my nook, but ask that Barnes and Noble add or change to a PDF/Adobe reader that allows pages to be bookmarked.  PLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!:smileysad:


      The change would make it sooooo much easier to read and enjoy my PDF documents that are very large.

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          I have read here tht adobe air will be in the update. That should make pdf navigation a lot better. Xing fingers
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            I agree with the adding bookmark capability but I would also like to see other features included. It would be nice if we can also make notes and highlight within the pdf app. It also would be nice if turning pages would not be so clunky with detailed files that especially hold illustrations. Personally I have switched to using Foxit pdf reader on my pc because it just works better with better features IMO.


            Better overall if there would be a program that would efficiently convert my pdfs into epub/nook color format. I tried Caliber but the results are wonky. Perhaps tweeking the adjustments would help but that's too much to ask from a regular user.