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    Browse Web even after 1.1.0 update

      You can still browse the web a bit despite the 1.1.0 update.


      1. Press the "n" hardware button

      2. Tap "settings"

      3. Tap "Social"

      4. Tap "Link to Facebook, Twitter, Google"

      5. Under "Google" tap "Link Your Account"

      6. Tap "Can't Access your account?"

      7. Tap "Google Home" to bring up mobile Google home screen


      You now can use Google to access limited web features and pages.

      Dragging in any direction scrolls the screen.

      Tap any link to follow it. 

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          This is going to sound dumb but I just got my N2E yesterday; there's a feature to surf the net?! T_T I got this thing because I found the net surfing to be a useless feature. That's what smart phones and computers are for.


          In any case I do have a question on the Social feature. When I connect my nook to Facebook does it keep me logged in and take extra juice cause it's running in the background? I didn't know if it did that or not so I chose not to use any of the social features and just keep my Wi-Fi off if I'm not going to buy books.

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            Thank you!


            The only reason I want to access the web from my NST is to look up words that aren't in the NOOK's onboard dictionary.


            Now I can! 

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              OK.  I can get to the Google page, but cannot get the keyboard to come up so that I can do limited browsing. I have tapped the screen, touched it firmly, fussed at it and stared at it--none of that worked.


              What am I missing?

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                BruceMiller wrote:

                You can still browse the web a bit despite the 1.1.0 update.


                Tap any link to follow it. 

                Thanks for posting this. It seems to work, but only up to a point. Whenever I've tried to use this method, after some small number of links I tap to follow, it simply stops following them. It just stays on the current page. The number seems to be around 4 or 5 -- which makes a certain amount of sense, as this browser was meant to be used only for one very limited task, one that probably takes that many clicks.


                Clearly B&N would prefer to eliminate the browser entirely, but they've had to keep a limited version to support a few promised features. At this point I believe it's just the social features and the ability to log into some wifi hotspots. I wouldn't be surprised to see even more restricted apps appear for these purposes in later software releases.


                On the other hand, I, for one, hope that they decide to move in the opposite direction and include a more functional browser as a supported feature. I don't consider this essential to my enjoyment of my NST, which I bought for reading and like very much indeed for that purpose. But there are occasions while I'm reading when I'd like to be able to look something up online without pulling out my phone or running to the computer. A browser would come in handy.

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                    I've a new NST with 1.1.2 firmware and seem to be able to use Wiki, Google or the weather radar loop with few problems.  If the Nook freezes, I very slowly shuffle my finger along the sides or bottom (or press twice the Nook button) to awaken the screen and restore the internet - most of the time.


                    Since there is no back button, I'm forced to stay on just the one web site, which isn't really too bad.  Google kindly prompts me for likely search strings, and I find this a passable form of bookmarking.  Of course, patience is essential.


                    While browsing the web, I think, I did on one occasion bring up a menu at centre of the screen, which had Copy among the five entries.  I have not been able to repeat it.