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    Update 1.4.1

      Worst update ever. Wifi is better but now my tablet is slow. Anyone else have this issue? If BN forces you to use their apps store only, at least get better app for email. I was realy enjoying my Nook, but more updates like thisis ruining the Nook.
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          Although I'm not happy about the blocking of apps issue after the update, my Nook actually seems noticably faster than before.
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            Some speed and loading issues may be due to general high internet load and website traffic due to new devices being registered and seasonal shopping.  I have noticed that between 5-7pm browser response, even on other devices is poor. Although one of them my Xoom is notorious for poor browser speed. 

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              laughingbrah wrote:
              Worst update ever. Wifi is better but now my tablet is slow. Anyone else have this issue?

              Wifi is better?  In what way?  I could stay reliably connected before, had barely any issues with the NT in any fashion whatsoever.  Now it's up and down, up and down,  every few minutes.  TERRIBLE update.  BN has ONE WEEK to fix this or the NT is being returned and I'll get something else - most likely a Kindle Fire, despite its own shortcomings (it's better than the NT now with its own recent update.)  1.4.1 was one of the absolute worst software updates I have ever, EVER seen for any product.  


              As for email, if BN would just remove the "25 previous emails" restriction, it would be a usable client.  


              And if they would add actual TABS to the browser it would be a good web browser.  As it is, both of these MAJOR components of a tablet are hobbled and crippled for absolutely no reason, and now BN has made it next to impossible for normal people to get better apps to take care of these everyday internet needs with 1.4.1, since that destroys the ability to sideload what BN can't be bothered to provide in their terrible app store.

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                  I have a 2 story, my gateway is upstairs and if I was downstairs the wifi was unstable, sometime I woud lose the signal all together. And it was only the nook, none of our other wireless gadgets have issues. Since upgrade it is not an issue. The issue now it takes little long for Nook to power. The internet is slower and yes the 1 app I have now locks up. And I have only 2 books downloaded. I'm sure like a game console my PC, updates will keep coming. This one just stinks.