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    Tv.com app not for Nook Color

      Recently purchased 4 nook colors for christmas. I downloaded the tv.com app to all 4, no problem. Then when the update came, brought them to our b&n they updated them for me, but one of nooks had a  problem, so they exchanged for me. brought it home and registered it, updated it. Now it seems that on this one nook, it tells me that the app is no longer supported. Contacted support, they were very nice, went throught everything, deregistering, hard reset all the works, and no go. requested I contact the maker of the app. Emailed him and his reply is that this app is for the nook tablet only and wants to know how I was able to put this one on the other 3. Could this have been in that time frame that they are now stopping some apps from being loaded.  Now the tv.com app states it is for nook tablets only. 

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          > Could this have been in that time frame that they are now stopping some apps from being loaded.  <




          yes, it's possible they have changed the requirements settings.


          I'd be curious to know if it does actually work properly on the 3 NCs you managed to get it installed on?


          - Mark


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            AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, another piece of the puzzle.  I had TV.com on my NC too before the update and it worked fine, now it's in the "not supported/everything else" file...now I get it....

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              I am glad chrismas worked out for you. But....it is obvious that the app will work on the nook color it is just a choice of b&n for it to only work on the tablet. Once another update to the nook color comes out the tv.com on the two boys nooks will probabky stop working. Trust me it is not the devs. The more people that get their app the more they get from advertisers. That is how they make thier money on free apps. Thiss to me is a lot like what apple has done to the iphone. I am upset that most apps b&n charges for are free everywhere else now my nookcolor that is not even a year old is already begining to be uncompatable with apps. Unless b&n changes their ways I will sell this and get a true android device.