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        When Core Values Are Strategic  

          by Rick Tocquigny


        Publisher: Pearson Education

        Genre: Business-Leadership roles




        Let's Get Real About Money!  

          by Eric Tyson


        Publisher: Pearson Education

        Genre: Investing, Personal Finace


        Curious Folks Ask 2  

          by Sherry Seethaler


        Publisher: Pearson Education

        Series: FT Press Science

        Genre: Earth Science


        Business Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid (Collection)  

          by Ted LondonStuart L. HartEric Kacou


        Publisher: Pearson Education

        Series: FT Press Delivers Collections Series

        Genre: Business

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          Pastors in the ClassicsTimeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World Literature

          by Leland RykenPhilip RykenTodd Wilson


          Publisher: Baker Publishing Group



          Discover wisdom for today in the literary classics of the past

          Throughout the history of English literature, clergy have figured prominently in novels, plays, morality tales, and even poetry. Pastors in the Classics is a unique exploration of literary masterpieces in which the pastor's experience is a major part of the story. This collection uncovers the good, the bad, and the ugly ways in which pastors have been presented to the reading public for the past half millennium, and how pastors today can glean wisdom from those who have gone before. Whether you are a pastor or a lover of great literature, you will find insight, humor, and grace within these pages.

          "Whether you are new to ministry or a veteran, the books discussed in this guide can help you better understand yourself and your calling beyond what you may have learned from textbooks and lectures. I highly recommend it."--Warren W. Wiersbe, author; former pastor, Moody Church

          "Here is an ideal guide to find in the classics the deepest, most relevant, emotionally gripping wisdom to preach to oneself. May God use it to revive many of us, remind us of the height from which we have fallen, and restore us to our first love."--Gordon P. Hugenberger, senior minister, Park Street Church, Boston

          "A splendid and unique guide to the portraits of pastoral ministry found in the great works of Western literature. The useful information provided here will be enlightening, and the insightful commentary appreciated by anyone who has ever pastored a flock."--Devin Brown, department of English, Asbury University; author of Inside Narnia

          "The authors invite us into literary worlds replete with stories of pastors who preach and suffer, who sin and repent, who fail in small and spectacular ways, who stand always in need of grace. If we accept the invitation to enter these tales, we will emerge challenged and encouraged, our hearts returned to love of God and neighbor."--Susan Felch, professor of English, Calvin College

          Leland Ryken is a professor of English at Wheaton College and author or editor of some three dozen books, includingWords of Delight: A Literary Introduction to the Bible.

          Philip Ryken is the president of Wheaton College. He is the author or editor of more than thirty books and was formerly senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. 

          Todd Wilson is the senior pastor of Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois.

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            The Myths, Legends, and Lore of Ireland   

              by Amy Hackney Blackwell


            Publisher: F+W Media

            Pages: 256

            ISBN-13: 9781440509247



            The magic and mystery of Ireland has been passed down from family to family for generations. This rich history has journeyed across the ocean and lives on in colorful stories told by those who treasure their Irish heritage. From the lives of ancient Celts to the history of Irish stepdancing, this unique and authoritative guide dispels the myths and offers the authentic history of Ireland and sheds light on the true legends of the land. Inside, you'll discover: Who St. Patrick really was; The story behind “Sunday Bloody Sunday”; Scandals in the Irish Church; Coming to America and the real gangs of New York; The spooky truth behind Celtic lore. Complete with an Irish language primer and pronunciation guide, The Myths, Legends, and Lore of Ireland is your informative pot of gold!


            Hose Monkey  

             by Reed Farrel Coleman


            Publisher: F+W Media

            ISBN-13: 9781440532498



            When former NYPD detective Joe Serpe hit bottom, he just kept on going. Having lost his career to charges of corruption, his family to divorce, his partner to suicide, and his fireman brother to the tragedy of 9/11, Serpe’s world is nearly empty but for his cat, Mulligan. Living in a basement apartment in a blue collar town on Long Island, Joe spends his days filling tanks with home heating oil and his nights filling his belly with vodka. But when a young retarded man who worked for Joe’s oil company is cruelly murdered, Joe Serpe rediscovers purpose and grasps for a last chance at redemption. Along with his former Internal Affairs Bureau nemesis, Bob Healy, and Marla Stein, a brave and beautiful, group home psychologist, Joe wades into the world of street gangs, anti-immigration organizations, and the Red Mafia. Hose Monkey is a rough and tumble ride through a violent, often cruel world, a world where it’s hard to tell the bad guys from the good guys without a scorecard. It is a world of murder and extortion, but one in which an innocent Down Syndrome girl may hold the key that unlocks the mystery. At the same time, Hose Monkey is a story of salvation and forgiveness, a tale of justice done.

            Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People 

              by Elizabeth B. Brown


            Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

            ISBN-13: 9781441207364



            You can be positive--no matter who tries to bring you down.

            Unfortunately, the world is full of screwed-up people. But the good news, says Elizabeth B. Brown, is that your world no longer has to revolve around them. With brilliant insights and a keen sense of humor, this trusted author shows you how to: 
            take back the power from the difficult people in your life 
            respond productively when confronted 
            remain poised and in control when everyone around you loses it 
            win fairly in unfair battles 
            let go of the past and live triumphantly now 

            Dozens of real-life success stories, brief diagnostic tests, and practical tools are included to help you assess your own unique situation and gain the confidence to live successfully with screwed-up people.

            You can stop being the victim of others and start loving life in spite of them.

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               by Linda Windsor


              Publisher: Cook, David C.

              Pages: 384

              Series: The Brides of Alba

              ISBN-13: 9780781404495




              Sixth-century Scotland—in the time of Arthur….  “The Gowrys’ seed shall divide your mighty house and bring a peace beyond the ken of your wicked soul.” Her mother’s dying prophecy to the chieftain Tarlach O’Byrne sentenced Brenna of Gowrys to twenty years of hiding. Twenty years of being hunted—by the O’Byrnes, who fear the prophecy, and by her kinsmen, who expect her to lead them against their oppressors. But Brenna is a trained and gifted healer, not a warrior queen. So she lives alone in the wilderness with only her pet wolf for company. When she rescues a man badly wounded from an ambush, she believes he may be the answer to her deep loneliness. Healing him comes as easy as loving him. But can their love overcome years of bitterness and greed…and bring peace and renewed faith to the shattered kingdom?

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                Pastors in the ClassicsTimeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World Literature

                by Leland RykenPhilip RykenTodd Wilson


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                  Everything the Bible Says About Money   


                  Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

                  ISBN-13: 9781441233912



                  How people deal with money matters to God. In fact, it is one of the most frequently mentioned subjects in the Bible. Numerous authors have given readers their ideas about how they should handle money, but it's time to hear what God has to say. Topics include everything from working, saving, and tithing to how God wants people to treat the poor. All the scriptural references to money have been collected and explained in a clear a concise format. The book's length and focus make it perfect for readers on the go who love the Word of God.


                  I Love Mormons: A New Way to Share Christ with Latter-day Saints 

                    by David L. Rowe


                  Publisher: Baker Publishing Group

                  ISBN-13: 9781441201461



                  How can Christians speak the Good News to Mormons so that it really sounds like good news?

                  Wrestling with this and other questions has led Salt Lake City resident David Rowe to a new way of sharing Christ with Latter-day Saints. "Mormons are three-dimensional human beings with their own culture, lingo, and worldview," Rowe explains. In evangelism, our words will be more effective if we start by learning and respecting LDS culture. Rowe's keen insights, helpful illustrations, and practical discussion questions will help readers to build bridges to Mormon friends and neighbors.

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                    How to Keep Score in Business :Accounting and Financial Analysis for the Non-Accountant

                    by Robert Follett


                    Publisher: Pearson Education

                    Pages: 192

                    ISBN-13: 9780132849302


                    This is the eBook version of the printed book.

                    In How to Keep Score in Business, Second Edition, long-time CEO Robert Follett shows you exactly how to "keep score" in business by reading and interpreting company financials. Step by step, Follett helps you capture crucial insights buried in balance sheets, income statements, and other key reports. Follett shows how to apply core tools for analyzing financial reports and investment opportunities, and demystifies key accounting terms every business decision-maker and investor needs to know. You'll learn how to uncover a company's true financial position through its balance sheet and income statements–and identify crucial information those documents may not be showing. Follett demonstrates how to use modern ROI tools to evaluate performance or analyze potential investments; how to track ongoing changes in a company's financial position; how to build cash flow budgets for more effective planning; and how to use common analysis ratios (without misusing them). Practical from start to finish, this fully updated book won't transform you into an accountant–but it will help you work more confidently with financial professionals, make smarter business decisions, and choose better investments.



                    The Truth About Better Decision-Making (Collection)  

                      by Robert E. GuntherWilliam KaneLeigh L. Thompson


                    Publisher: Pearson Education

                    Pages: 656

                    Series: Truth About Series

                    ISBN-13: 9780132655309


                    This is the eBook version of the printed book.

                    A brand new collection of essential insights for your business and career from world-renowned experts…now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!

                    150 powerful bite-size solutions for improving every decision you make!

                    Three full books of practical guidance for making smarter, better decisions – in business, and in life! Discover how to learn and profit from your mistakes… minimize your risks, and act more decisively… make choices that help your organization thrive in change… make negotiating decisions that lead to win-win solutions and enduring business relationships… and much more!

                    From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Robert E. Gunther, William S. Kane, and Leigh Thompson

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                      The Art of Asking :Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers

                        by Terry J. Fadem


                      Publisher: Pearson Education

                      ISBN-13: 9780137149063



                      Ask the Right Questions in the Right Ways...And Get the Answers You Need to Succeed!

                      Discover the core questions that every manager needs to master...how to avoid the mistakes business questioners make most often...ten simple rules for asking every question more effectively. Learn how to ask tough questions and take control of tough situations...use questions to promote innovation, drive change, identify hidden problems, and get failing projects back on track.

                      Ask better questions, get better answers, achieve better results!

                      “Required reading for every leader who wishes to see his or herorganization flourish and career progress.”

                      Garry A. Neil, MD, Corporate Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

                      “Asking, listening, understanding the real meaning of the answers, and taking actions based on facts are really the essence of managing. This book has helped me in connecting the dots in my understanding (and lack thereof) of why things really did not work the way I expected them to.”

                      Pradip Banerjee, PhD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Xybion; retired partner, Accenture

                      “The framework and techniques provide outstanding ideas for executives to both gain better information and develop the analytical skills of their teams.”

                      Terry Hisey, Vice Chairman and US Life Sciences Leader, Deloitte

                      We’ve all met the corporate inquisitor: the individual whose questions seem primarily intended to terrify the victim. Theright goal is to solve the problem—and to build a more effective, collaborative organization where everyone learns from experience, and nobody’s too intimidated to tell the truth.

                      That means asking the right questions in the right ways. This book will teach you how to do precisely that. Terry J. Fadem shows how to choose the right questions and avoid questions that guarantee obvious, useless answers...how to help people give you the information you need...how to use body language to ask questions more effectively...how to ask the innovative or neglected questions that uncover real issues and solutions.

                      You’ll learn how to adopt the attributes of a good questioner...set a goal for every question...use your personal style more effectively...ask tough questions, elicit dissent, react to surprises, overcome evasions, and more. Becoming a better questioner may be the most powerful thing you can do right now to improve your managerial effectiveness—and this book gives you all the insights, tools, and techniques you’ll need to get there.

                      • Evaluate your current “questioning” skills...
                        ...then systematically improve them
                      • Choose better questions...
                        ...and ask them the right way
                      • Ask tough questions more effectively
                        Get at the truth, uncover the real problem, and solve it
                      • Master the crucial nonverbal aspects of asking questions
                        Finding your best style and the right body language



                      The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing  

                        by Natalie CanavorClaire Meirowitz


                      Publisher: Pearson Education

                      Pages: 224

                      Series: Truth About

                      ISBN-13: 9780137015429



                      This is the eBook version of the printed book.

                      Want a powerful competitive advantage? Become a better business writer. Better writers get better jobs and more promotions. Winning is about persuading people, and that means writing: emails, Web sites, presentations, proposals, resumes, grant proposals, you name it. Businesses know this: that's why they spend $3 billion a year helping their employees become more effective writers. If you hated writing in school, or if you just weren't that good at it, we have great news. Business writing has changed. Forget jargon, pomposity, grammar drills: just figure out what you want to say and say it simply, quickly, conversationally. The Truth About Business Writing That Works shows you exactly how to do that. Step by step, you'll learn how to plan and organize your content; make your point faster; tell your readers what's in it for them; construct winning documents of every kind, print and electronic, even blog entries and text messages! The Truth About Writing That Works brings together its field's best knowledge, and shows exactly how to put it to work. With an "aha" on every page, it presents information in a clear, accessible style that's easy to understand and use. Written in short chapters, it covers the entire field, cuts to the heart of every topic, pulls back the curtain on expert secrets, and pops the bubble of commonly-held assumptions. Simply put, this book delivers easy, painless writing techniques that work.


                      Evolution : A View from the 21st Century 

                        by James A. Shapiro


                      Publisher: Pearson Education

                      Pages: 256

                      Series: FT Press Science



                      This is the eBook version of the printed book.

                      James A. Shapiro's proposes an important new paradigm for understanding biological evolution, the core organizing principle of biology. Shapiro introduces crucial new molecular evidence that tests the conventional scientific view of evolution based on the neo-Darwinian synthesis, and shows why this view is inadequate to today's evidence. He then presents a compelling alternative view of the evolutionary process that reflects the shift in life sciences towards a more information- and systems-based approach.

                      Shapiro integrates advances in symbiogenesis, epigenetics, and saltationism into a unified approach that views evolutionary change as an active cell process, regulated epigenetically and capable of making rapid large changes by horizontal DNA transfer, inter-specific hybridization, whole genome doubling, symbiogenesis, or massive genome restructuring.

                      Evolution: A View from the 21st Century marshals extensive evidence in support of a fundamental reinterpretation of evolutionary processes, including more than 1,100 references to the scientific literature. Shapiro's work will generate extensive discussion throughout the biological community, and may significantly change your own thinking about how life has evolved. It also has major implications for evolutionary computation, information science, and the growing synthesis of the physical and biological sciences.

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                        Stress Fracture  

                          by D. P. Lyle


                        Publisher: Medallion Press, Incorporated

                        Pages: 300

                        Series: Dub Walker Series Series

                        ISBN-13: 9781605421773

                        Genre: Thriller / Police Stories



                        When Dub Walker’s close friend Sheriff Mike Savage becomes the victim of a gruesome murder, the forensic expert is called upon to track down the serial killer who's been terrorizing the county. Having been involved in more than 100 cases of foul play and witnessed the bloody remains of rape, torture, and unthinkable mutilation, Dub thought he had seen it all—yet the killer is unlike any murderer Dub has ever encountered. Vacillating between wildly divergent personalities fueled by post traumatic stress disorder—at times calm, cold, and calculating; at others maniacal and out of control—the psychopath taunts, threatens, and outmaneuvers Dub at every turn. The stakes are suddenly elevated as Dub uncovers a deadly conspiracy tainted with unrestrained greed, corruption, and ties to the military establishment and the medical community.

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                          by Denise A. Agnew

                          (Ellora's Cave)


                          For Special Investigations Agency Operatives Destiny Tremayne, Jenna MacDonald and Nur Aydan, Christmas isn't all about celebrating.

                          When Destiny Tremayne and fellow agent Mac Tudor are assigned to investigate mysterious disappearances at a strange lab high in the Colorado Mountains, they clash at every turn.

                          Destiny thinks Mac is a throwback. Mac thinks Destiny hates any man who has balls.

                          When they realize something monstrous stalks the secluded high-mountain lab, they'll face a terrifying enemy-and a blazing sexual inferno they may not survive.


                          Be My Vampire Tonight (Darklander Lovers, Book One)  

                          by Renee Field

                          (Ellora's Cave)


                          Book one in the Darklander Lovers series.

                          Bidding on a masked man at an auction is all for a good cause, but what happens when he turns out to be a vampire who has the power to unleash the wild woman lying dormant inside you?

                          As a Darklander vampire, Mitch has spent a century living in a bleak world, but all that changes when he sees Tina. The beast living within Mitch wants to stake his claim. Mitch knows taking Tina's virginity will change her forever, but try explaining that to a woman whose passion cannot be denied. Tina holds the key to his freedom, but Mitch will be damned forever before he turns her over as a slave for his master.


                          Flaunt It  

                          by Natasha Moore




                          He’ll put her on display, if that’s what it takes to keep her…

                          Paolo’s Playhouse, Book 1

                          When it comes to sexy and sassy, Piper, the most popular waitress at Ben’s bar, has it all going on. Now that they’re dating, though, Ben wishes she’d dial down the skimpy clothes and flirty attitude, and her habit of dancing around the bar and flashing to her favorite song. Every teasing peek at her body, every laugh at some customer’s lousy joke, is certainly good for business—but it sends his jealousy meter into the red zone.

                          They’re dating, sure, but he’s no muscled, tattooed stud with diamonds in his ears. How can he compete, especially when she refuses to even spend the night at his place?

                          Desperate, Ben books a room at his friend Paolo’s fantasy club, hoping an erotic night in front of a two-way mirror will get her exhibitionist streak out of her system. Praying it won’t prove his greatest fears—that she lives only to show off. And he’s not that special to her at all…

                          Warning: Flirting and pole dancing, hot sex and showing off for an invisible audience. Stop by the playhouse and live out your fantasies!

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                            Kicking at the Darkness: Bruce Cockburn and the Christian Imagination
                            by Brian J. Walsh


                            Kicking at the Darkness: Bruce Cockburn and the Christian Imagination


                            • ISBN-13: 9781441238856
                            • Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
                            • Publication date: 12/1/2011
                            • File size: 1 MB



                            Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible
                            by M. Daniel Carroll R.


                            Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible


                            • ISBN-13: 9781441201249
                            • Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
                            • Publication date: 5/1/2008
                            • File size: 271 KB




                            • 626. This Week's Free Friday ebook for 3-16-2012

                              Black Out  - An Inspector Troy Thriller

                               by John Lawton


                              Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

                              ISBN-13: 9780802195845

                              Pages: 416

                              Genre: Thriller, War and Military Fiction



                              John Lawton's debut novel-first published by Viking in 1995, and now being reissued by Grove Press-is a stunning, war-time thriller that cements his place among the greatest crime writers of our era. The first of the Inspector Troy novels,Black Out singularly captures the realities of wartime London, weaving them into a riveting drama that encapsulates the uncertainty of Europe at the dawn of the postwar era.

                              London, 1944. While the Luftwaffe makes its final assault on the already battered British capital, Londoners rush through the streets, seeking underground shelter in the midst of the city's black out. When the panic subsides, other things begin to surface along with London's war-worn citizens. A severed arm is discovered by a group of children playing at an East End bomb site, and when Scotland Yard's Dective Sergeant Frederick Troy arrives at the scene, it becomes apparent that the dismembered body is not the work of a V-1 rocket. After Troy manages to link the severed arm to the disappearance of a refugee scientist form Nazi Germany, America's newest intelligence agency, the OSS, decides to get involved. The son of a titled Russian émigré, Troy is forced to leave the London he knows and enter a corrupt world of bloody consequences, stateless refugees, and mysterious women as he unearths a chain of secrets leading straight to the Allied high command.

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                                True Devotion (Uncommon Heroes Series #1)  

                                  by Dee Henderson


                                Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

                                Series: Uncommon Heroes Series, #1

                                ISBN-13: 9781414355368

                                Genre: Romantic Suspense


                                Kelly Jacobs has already paid the ultimate price of loving a warrior; she has the folded flag and the grateful thanks of a nation to prove it. Navy SEAL Joe “Bear” Baker can't ask her to accept that risk again—even though he loves her. But the man responsible for her husband's death is back; closer than either of them realize. Kelly is in danger, and Joe may not get there in time.

                                Uncommon Heroes: Welcome to a world where friendships go deep, loyalties stand strong, and uncommon heroes perform the toughest jobs in the world. Dee Henderson's military romance series provides a detailed passage into the world of the military and homeland heroes, and those they love.

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                                  Everything Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Book  














                                   Grow Your Own Tree Hugger   














                                  Fever Moon  













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