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        http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/walking-on-broken-glass-christa-allan/1100047277?ean=9781426713910-----------"Walking on Broken Glass", by Christa Allan, Pub. Abingdon Press-----------3. Listing from the top is the free nookbook.
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          The Grave Gourmet
          by Alexander Campion


          The Grave Gourmet


          • ISBN-13: 9780758272133
          • Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
          • Publication date: 6/1/2011

          From the Champs-Élysées to the twinkling banks of la Seine, chic Parisian policewoman Capucine LeTellier plunges into a uniquely Parisian affair of gastronomic delights and bureaucratic intrigue to close a case that could make her career-or kill it . . .


          After dining on such delicacies as oyster sorbet and avocado soufflé, Jean-Louis Delage, président of automotive giant Renault, has been found dead in the freezer of Le Diapason, a three-star restaurant owned by Chef Jean-Basille Labrousse, a renowned restaurateur extraordinaire.


          Capucine is uniquely suited to the case, as her husband Alexandre is a food critic well-connected to the culinary world. In between sharing sumptuous meals and fine wine with Alexandre at Paris' finest eateries, Capucine struggles to win the respect of her new squad of detectives and crack both the case and the guarded secrets of the restaurant staff.



          Shadow Play 
          by Erin Kellison


          Shadow Play



          • ISBN-13: 9781420128000
          • Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
          • Publication date: 4/24/2012


          The world is growing dark with it as mysteries from antiquity and legend creep into our time, bringing a new world of danger, beauty and . . .


          Dr. Cam Kalamos has dedicated his life to studying its strange properties, but nothing is more intriguing than a woman whose soul is split in half, one part under her control, one part bent on . . .


          How can he resist the lure of a lover with no inhibitions and an insatiable desire to possess him? Both Ellie and her shadow want Cam, but there is an innocent child to be rescued from the forest and the strange fae creatures of . . .


          Love, loyalty, betrayal-which will rule? As Ellie sends her other self into the darkness, there is only one certainty: Trusting in shadows is a dangerous game.



          Out of Deception 
          by Nathan O. Miller


          Out of Deception


          • ISBN-13: 9780983146094
          • Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing
          • Publication date: 12/21/2011

          The unbelievable but true story of how Wil, a young, innocent Amish teen and his family, were unwittingly lured into the clutches of a smooth-talking cult leader.
          Wil’s family was searching for something deeper, and what seemed at first like fresh water for a thirsty heart soon turned bitterly poisonous.
          By the grace of God, Wil’s devotion to his leader, who was an excommunicated Amsihman, slowly turned to doubt. Finally, sick and tired of being manipulated, controlled, molested, and deceived, Wil made his break and
          escaped his leader’s grasp. Or so he thought.
          This is a disturbing story of Satan’s deceptions and a beautiful story of the power of God’s grace and deliverance.



          Eye of the God
          by Ariel Allison


          Eye of the God


          • ISBN-13: 9781426713491
          • Publisher: Abingdon Press
          • Publication date: 3/1/2010

          eye of the god  takes the fascinating history surrounding the Hope Diamond and weaves it together with a present-day plot to steal the jewel from the Smithsonian Institute.


          We follow Alex and Isaac Weld, the most lucrative jewel thieves in the world, in their quest to steal the gem, which according to legend was once the eye of a Hindu idol named Rama Sita. When it was stolen in the 17th century, it is said that the idol cursed all those who would possess it. That won’t stop the brilliant and ruthless Weld brothers.

          However, they are not prepared for Dr. Abigail Mitchell, the beautiful Smithsonian Director, who has her own connection to the Hope Diamond and a deadly secret to keep. Abby committed long ago that she would not serve a god made with human hands, and the “eye of the god” is no exception. Her desire is not for wealth, but for wisdom. She seeks not power, but restoration.


          When the dust settles over the last great adventure of the Hope Diamond, readers will understand the “curse” that has haunted its legacy is nothing more than the greed of evil men who bring destruction upon themselves. No god chiseled from stone can direct the fates of humankind, nor can it change the course of God’s story.



          A Texan's Honor: The Heart of a Hero Book #2 
          by Shelley Gray


          A Texan's Honor: The Heart of a Hero Book #2


          • ISBN-13: 9781426753848
          • Publisher: Abingdon Press
          • Publication date: 3/1/2012
          • Series: The Heart of a Hero

          Texas, 1874. Years ago, Will McMillan had fought in the open, next to his Captain, Clayton Proffitt. Now he’s waging another war undercover, pretending to be a member of the notorious Walton Gang.


          But when a hostage situation goes awry and an innocent woman is in the middle of the fray, Will knows he must protect her no matter what happens. Even if his cover is blown. Even if they risk being killed by his gang or by the lawmen on their trail. Even if the woman he’s riskingeverything for will never love him back.



          The Mother Road
          by Jennifer AlLee


          The Mother Road


          • ISBN-13: 9781426754043
          • Publisher: Abingdon Press
          • Publication date: 4/1/2012

          Natalie's life is perfect. Happily married herself, she is also a marriage expert to whom women turn for advice. Imagine her shock when her husband asks for a divorce so that he can marry his pregnant mistress! The news comes as a double blow, since Natalie has always wanted a child but is unable to conceive. Tragedy hits again when she receives a call from her father asking that she and her sister come home to visit their ailing mother. Suddenly, Natalie is embarking on a cross-country road trip with a pregnant sister she hasn't spoken to in years. Can miles of road bring the two closer together? VERDICT AlLee's (The Pastor's Wife) latest contemporary features well-drawn characters and witty dialog, making this a sure bet for fans of fresh, smart inspirational fiction. Adriana Trigiani readers might also want to give this a try.




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            The Girl I Used To Know  

            Publisher: Macam Publishing


            Feel like you have too many things to do, but none of it includes anything for you? Get motivated and learn how to put personal priority back on your to-do list, and rediscover how to reach your goals and dreams. Marla Majewski, founder of Inspire Empire, will provide practical tools to get you back to feeling like the girl you used to know - before kids, marriage and life took over. In The Girl I Used To Know you will learn: Ways to identify qualities and characteristics from your childhood that identify your true passions and lost inspirations. How to appreciate the girl you are. Practical tools to get out of an inspirational rut. Ways to keep the Inspira-Meter on "High". Simple ways to "Inspire It Forward" and help other women reach their personal potential. Unlike other self-help books, this book is not about becoming a person that you have never been. It is about returning to the little girl we all used to be who believed in herself and in the infinite realm of possibilities.



            Traces of Bliss   

            Publisher: Libros Publishing


            What would you risk to relive the bliss?
            In the affluent Los Feliz enclave of Los Angeles, five welathy seniors recall vivid memories of ancestors after Claire, a young massage therapist, uses her grandmother’s speically blended, Amazonian, aromatherapy oil. The
            seniors' live-in caregivers, each with a rich history, are inevitably caught up in the drama as the past collides with the present.
            The caregivers divulge details of the memories to Alma Ruiz, a pseudo-homeopath, amateur genealogist, and pathological liar. She conspires with Soledad to dupe the vulnerable seniors into paying them vast amounts for
            memory retrieval reenactments. Alma and Soledad’s transgressions awaken the buried shamanistic sense of Octavio, a gifted gardener who immigrated to Los Angeles seeking revenge from the oil companies that dumped oil
            in the Shuar tribal lands of Amazonian Ecuador. He reacts instinctively to protect Claire and the susceptible seniors.
            Traces of Bliss reveals how memory can travel through the blood, and how much we are willing to sacrifice for lost treasures from the past. 

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              Alisia Compton is offering her contemporary fantasy novel, Lucy and The Letter Eaters for free on Nook! 


              Lucy and The Letter Eaters  



              • 784. Free 06/28/12 (repeat freebies)


                The Hope of Shridula: Blessings in India Book #2
                by Kay Marshall Strom


                The Hope of Shridula: Blessings in India Book #2


                • ISBN-13: 9781426753886
                • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                • Publication date: 3/1/2012

                India: 1946. Blessing Ashish murmured. Such a name for a man cursed by a million gods For forty-eight years, his family toiled as slaves in the fields of the high-caste Lal family, and all because of one small debt. Ashish and his family knew nothing of the hatred for the British seething around them, nor of the struggle for independence that simmered throughout India. At fifty-four, Ashish was old and worn out. His wife had died long before how many years, he had no idea. Even though he had four sons to work beside him in the fields, every day was a struggle to survive. Sometimes his only daughter worked, too, but she also cooked and cleaned and kept the clothes in repair. His wife had named the girl Shridula Blessings. Perhaps the name will bring you more fortune than it brought me, Ashish told his daughter. His words proved to be prophetic in ways he could never have imagined. And when the flames of revolt brought independence to India, they seared change into the families of Ashish and Lal.



                Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride 
                by Sandra D. Bricker


                Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride


                • ISBN-13: 9781426736742
                • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                • Publication date: 10/1/2011

                As a wedding planner, Sherilyn Caine should have the perfect wedding experience...

                After all, she just landed her dream job at the wedding destination hotel, The Tanglewood. The rest should be a piece of cake for Sherilyn's Type A personality.


                But while everything else goes smoothly, her own wedding plans start to sink right before her eyes. One way or the other, Sherilyn is determined to make this wedding work—until the latest development threatens to call the whole thing off. Is it possible that Sherilyn is allergic to her fiancé?



                Always the Designer, Never the Bride
                by Sandra D. Bricker


                Always the Designer, Never the Bride


                • ISBN-13: 9781426755699
                • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                • Publication date: 4/1/2012

                It’s taken Audrey Regan years to establish herself as a wedding dress designer, and to date she’s been roped into creating dresses for nine of her girlfriends. Request #10 follows her vow to “Just say no!” and comes from her very best friend. She can hardly turn Carly down!         

                Audrey arrives in Atlanta early to perform all of her maid-of-honor duties along with final fittings for a one-of-a-kind dress. But Carly’s wedding is nothing short of an event, complete with Prince Charming, and the festivities make Audrey question whether there’s a prince of her own anywhere in her future.  

                Enter the groom’s brother and best man. Shaggy-haired, tattooed bad boy J.R. Hunt couldn’t be any more different from Prince Charming if he rode in on a Harley Davidson.  Oh, wait. He actually did ride in on a Harley!



                • 785. Free 06/29/12

                  All In  

                  by Jerry Yang, Mark Tabb


                  • ISBN-13: 9781605421841
                  • Publisher: Medallion Press, Incorporated
                  • Publication date: 7/1/2011

                  In this intimate profile of an unlikely poker champion, the life story of Jerry Yang is laid out—from his difficult Hmong childhood to his success as a professional poker player. Born in the mountains of northern Laos, Jerry spent four and a half years in a Thai refugee camp after his family escaped the Communist forces. He endured horrific living conditions there and watched his family members die at gunpoint, but miraculously escaped and immigrated to the United States. From his first chance encounter with poker to winning the 2007 World Series of Poker, his struggles and achievements are chronicled here. It details Jerry's domination in the sport and how he uses his winnings to give back to the organizations that fed and clothed him during his childhood at the refugee camp. This autobiography is truly inspirational and is a reminder that the American dream is attainable for those with the courage and tenacity to pursue it.



                  • 786. Free 06/29/12 (repeat freebie)

                    Promises of Comfort from GOD'S WORD  

                    by Baker Publishing Group


                    • ISBN-13: 9781441235312
                    • Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
                    • Publication date: 2/1/2010

                    Comforting Verses of Scripture for the Valleys of Life

                    Scripture has always provided believers with words and guidance to help us through the valleys of life. But sometimes it's hard to find those verses when we really need them. When you struggle with difficulties in life, where can you go for words of comfort, encouragement, and healing?

                    Promises of Comfort from GOD'S WORD is a collection of Scripture verses that speak words of consolation and reassurance to hurting souls. This affordable book of comfort features the clear, natural English of GOD'S WORD Translation.

                    When life doesn't pan out as planned, you don't have to go it alone. This little book is your key to consolation--for yourself and the hurting people around you.

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                      The Brat  


                      by Gil Brewer


                      • Publisher: F+W Media
                      • ISBN-13: 9781440542060
                      • Publication date: 4/1/2012
                      • Series: Prologue Crime
                      • File size: 502 KB


                      She looked at the rotting, sun-blasted shack, the one room where they all lived, slept, made love, died. Looked at the dusty lawn where no grass grew. At the steaming swamp, at her tobacco-spitting mother. Saw the sly, lustful eyes of her father’s friends. Then she looked at her own lush beauty.
                      Get me out of here, she prayed. Oh, please get me out of here! I’ll pay any price.

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                        Flirting with Ruin   (A Short Story)


                        by Marguerite Kaye


                        • Publisher: Harlequin
                        • ISBN-13: 9781459231108
                        • Publication date: 6/1/2012
                        • Series: Castonbury Park Series
                        • File size: 124 KB


                         Lady Rosalind Rhees has dedicated her life to being as scandalous as possible—it's the only way she can escape society's expectations. Unfortunately, flirting with ruin hasn't been as exciting as she'd hoped.

                        Until she meets Major Fraser Lennox at a country party—and gets a taste of just how delicious forbidden desire can feel… But is she daring enough to follow her heart on the strength of one sizzling night?

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                          @ LM44, thank you for posting the links.
                          • 790. Repeat Freebie 7-1-2012

                            Elisha's Bones  


                            by Don Hoesel



                            The bones of the prophet once raised the dead to life... but they vanished from history in a whisper. 

                            Now Jack Hawthorne, part-time skeptic and full-time professor of archaeology, is enlisted to sift them from the sands of time. 

                            Bankrolled by a dying man of unlimited means, Hawthorne's hunt spans the globe and leads him into a deadly conspiracy older than the church itself. 

                            And he soon discovers those sworn to keep the secret of the bones will do anything to protect them.

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                              The Fierce Reads Anthology  


                              Product Details
                              • ISBN-13: 9781466820777
                              • Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
                              • Publication date: 6/12/2012
                              • Sold by: ST MARTINS / MPS
                              • Format: eBook
                              • Pages: 32
                              • Sales rank: 6,242
                              • Series: A Tor.Com Original Series
                              • File size: 4 MB

                              This anthology includes short stories from five fierce young adult authors! Inside, you’ll find a magical mermaid tale from Anna Banks, a fantastical Russian-influenced story from Leigh Bardugo, an electric thriller from Jennifer Bosworth, a post-apocalyptic drama from Emmy Laybourne, and a cybernetic fairytale from Marissa Meyer. This free anthology will give you an exciting taste of the fierceness of these authors’ debut novels. For more information about Fierce Reads, visit Facebook.com/FierceReads.

                              • 792. Repeat Freebie 7-2-2012


                                A Simple Amish Christmas  


                                by Vannetta Chapman


                                • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                                • ISBN-13: 9781426716126
                                • Publication date: 7/1/2010
                                • File size: 1 MB

                                Editorial Reviews

                                Library Journal
                                After three years on her "rumschpringe" (time out among the English), 20-year-old Annie Weaver returns home when her father has an accident. There, she finds herself falling in love with an Amish farmer and has to decide what to do with her future. VERDICT This quaint, coming-of-age story should appeal to fans of Janette Oke and Beverly Lewis.


                                The Call of Zulina   


                                by Kay Marshall Strom


                                • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                                • ISBN-13: 9781426713811
                                • Publication date: 3/1/2010
                                • Series: Grace in Africa Series
                                • File size: 753 KB



                                The Grace in Africa series is a sweeping three-part historical saga of slavery and freedom that takes the reader from an island off the west coast of Africa to Southern plantations and finally on to Canada. All her life, Grace Winslow, the daughter of a mixed marriage between an English sea captain and an African princess, has been sheltered from the truth about the family business--the capture and trade of slaves.
                                Set in 1787 in West Africa, The Call of Zulina opens as the scorching harmattan winds blow. Desperate to avoid marriage to an odious suitor, Grace escapes the family compound only to be caught up in a slave revolt at the fortress of Zulina. Soon, she begins to grasp the brutality and ferocity of the family business. Held for ransom, viciously maimed by a runaway slave, and threatened with death, Grace is finally jerked into reality and comes to sympathize with the plight of the captives. She admires their strength and courage and is genuinely moved by the African Cabeto’s passion, determination, and willingness to sacrifice anything, including his own life, for his people’s freedom.




                                The Pastor's Wife  


                                by Jennifer AlLee


                                • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                                • ISBN-13: 9781426713873
                                • Publication date: 3/1/2010
                                • File size: 882 KB




                                Maura Sullivan never intended to set foot in Granger, Ohio, again. But when circumstances force her to return, she must face all the disappointments she tried so hard to leave behind: a husband who ignored her, a congregation she couldn’t please, and a God who took away everything she ever loved.




                                Nick Shepherd thought he had put the past behind him, until the day his estranged wife walked back into town. Intending only to help Maura through her crisis of faith, Nick finds his feelings for her never died. Now, he must admit the mistakes he made, how he hurt his wife, and find a way to give and receive forgiveness.

                                • 793. Repeat Freebies 7-2-2012

                                  Invisible (Ivy Malone Series #1)   


                                  by Lorena McCourtney


                                  • Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
                                  • ISBN-13: 9781585585199
                                  • Publication date: 8/1/2004
                                  • Series: Ivy Malone Mystery Series , #1
                                  • File size: 645 KB



                                  She's not your average crime fighter!

                                  Meet Ivy Malone, an inconspicuous older woman who has a mutant curiosity gene that often lands her in trouble. Unlike most women her age, she snoops and pries her gray-haired self into one hilarious escapade after another. So when vandals romp through the local cemetery, Ivy can't help but put her snooping eyes to work as she launches her own unofficial investigation.

                                  Despite her unconventional sleuthing, Ivy soon becomes discouraged by her failure to turn up any solid clues. And after Ivy witnesses something ominous and unexplained, she can't resist putting her investigative powers to work again. Even the authorities' attempts to keep her out of danger and her nosy neighbor's match-making schemes can't slow Ivy down. But will the determination that fuels this persistent, spunky sleuth threaten her very safety?

                                  "I laughed out loud. McCourtney's charming mystery debuts a voice both enchanting and startling."-Colleen Coble, author of Without a Trace

                                  "McCourtney's skill at blending whimsy, quirks, and questions into a lead character makes Invisible a must read."-Lois Richer, author of Dangerous Sanctuary

                                  "Invisible is a treat! Ivy Malone is a heroine with spunk and determination!"-Carol Cox, author of A Stitch in Time



                                  Highland Blessings   


                                  by Jennifer Hudson Taylor


                                  • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                                  • ISBN-13: 9781426715396
                                  • Publication date: 6/1/2010
                                  • Pages: 352
                                  • File size: 1 MB



                                  Highland Blessings is the story of a highland warrior who kidnaps the daughter of his greatest enemy and clan chief to honor a promise he made to his dying father. Bryce MacPhearson, a highland warrior, kidnaps Akira MacKenzie on her wedding day to honor a promise he made to his dying father. While Akira’s strength in the Lord becomes a witness to Bryce, she struggles to overcome her anger and resentment when he forces her to wed him, hoping to end a half-century-old feud between their clans. While Akira begins to forgive, and Bryce learns to trust, a series of murders leaves a trail of unanswered questions, confusion, and a legacy of hate that once again rises between their families. Clearly, a traitor is in their midst. Now the one man Akira loves no longer trusts her, and her own life is in danger. Can Bryce look beyond his pain and seek the truth? Will Akira discover the threat against her before it’s too late? How will God turn a simple promise into bountiful Highland blessings?




                                  Saving Hope  


                                  by Margaret Daley


                                  • Publisher: Abingdon Press
                                  • ISBN-13: 9781426753985
                                  • Publication date: 3/1/2012
                                  • File size: 716 KB



                                  When a teenager goes missing from the Beacon of Hope School, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan and school director Kate Winslow are forced into a dangerous struggle against a human trafficking organization. But the battle brings dire consequences as Wyatt's daughter is terrorized and Kate is kidnapped.     

                                  Now it's personal, and Wyatt finds both his faith and investigative skills challenged as he fights to discover the mastermind behind the ring before evil destroys everyone he loves.

                                  "Through crisp writing, Daley paints life-like characters engaged in a believable struggle that kept me turning pages to the satisfying ending." — Richard L. Mabry, MD, Author of Lethal Remedy and the Prescription For Trouble series

                                  “Fan favorite Margaret Daley wows readers with Saving Hope, her new release in the Men of the Texas Rangers series. Intense, gritty, exciting, and with a compelling love story...this book has everything a romantic suspense reader could want!”  Marta Perry, Vanish in Plain Sight, HQN Books

                                  "Saving Hope is a story straight from the headlines. Missing teens, a Texas Ranger Dad, and a woman who just wants to make a difference in the lives of the girls she loves, all come together in an explosive story that will make you turn the pages as fast as possible to get to the end--which has a nice twist that you won't see coming. Just make sure you have plenty of time to read because you WON'T want to put this one down. A fabulous romantic suspense." -- Lynette Eason, best-selling, award-winning author of the Women of Justice Series.

                                  "Margaret Daley's Saving Hope is a beautifully told story of second chances with very real characters who stayed with me long after I finished the book. I'll be looking for more Texas Rangers stories from her!"~Robin Caroll, author of the Evil series and the Justice Seekers series

                                  • 794. Free 07/02/12

                                    Fast Break  

                                    by Regina Hart


                                    • ISBN-13: 9780758272027
                                    • Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
                                    • Publication date: 6/1/2011


                                    It's 24/7 money, fame, and game on-and off-the court. But the real action is behind the scenes in Regina Hart's sizzling new pro b-ball series, where the stakes are everything and winning means playing for keeps . . .


                                    He's a two-time MVP and three-time championship winner. He lives to be the best. And now that he's a first-time coach, DeMarcus Guinn will lead the NBA's worst team to the top his way-or no way at all. But the team's fiery franchise owner, Jaclyn Jones, is fighting him at every turn. And their unexpectedly seductive one-on-one is the kind of game time he can't resist . . .


                                    Turning her family's team into winners is Jaclyn's only hope of saving them and her community. She's used to being in control, but DeMarcus' determination-and the way he makes her feel-are like no moves she's ever seen. And with everything they care about on the line, they'll have to play to win . . . or lose their hearts.



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