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    OFFICIAL NOOK Apps Suggestion Thread

    Alex Garcia

      Hi All,


      Thank you for all of the incredible feedback. Believe me when I say it has not fallen on deaf ears.:smileyhappy:


      I see many app suggestions within your feedback and thank you for it. We are continuing to update our app offerings to accommodate just about anyone wanting apps on their devices.


      However some apps are still missing, and to that end I'm starting this thread. 


      Please make your suggestion(s), via this thread but with one caveat. In order to gather your information more effectively and more accurately, please give identical app suggestions a Kudo. This will be our active tally of what is most wanted by the community and will help us hotlist apps for you.


      Needless to say, this does not guarantee the availability of the app(s) in question; but it is definitely a step in the process. 


      Again, thank you all for your continued participation in our B&N Community. I look forward to seeing what we can cook up!


      - Alex

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