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    What are your favorite features?

      I am drooling over the new NST and waiting for black Friday to get one for 79! Tell me what you like or dislike about the NST. I have the original Nook and looking to add another to the family.


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          I'm still getting used to mine since I only got it a few hours ago, but it really doesn't seem to have any features that aren't in the original Nook that I've noticed so far (I could be wrong on that of course).  The home page is kind of nice with the way it is setup though.  I like that it has some suggestions at the bottom all the time, but I wonder how useful those will be when I download a Free Friday book (wish they'd let us omit those from being used for suggestions).  


          I do find myself a bit spoiled on a few things after having my Nook Color and having not used my original Nook in so long.  I started up my new Nook (so is NST the correct abbreviation for this one?) and was looking for someplace to setup my e-mail, but then realized it must not have one on it.  Then realized no web browser either.  No biggie on either, but after not using a regular old e-reader in so long, it did feel a little odd.  But I plan on using this one more when I'm out and away from home.  


          Still will use my Nook Color for magazines since they are so awesome and seem really crappy on the e-ink displays with the way they are laid out.  Guess I'll give my original Nook to my daughter since my wife already has one.


          One more small thing, I'd seen a lot of people saying their NST didn't come with a plug (which I wasn't worried about), but mine did.  Was a little added bonus when I opened the box.  

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            So the original 139 dollar NSTs came with a charging plug. When they dropped the price the stopped enclosing the charging plug. You got lucky and got one of the older packages for the new price.

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              CMarion, I hope you got your NST yesterday.  I did, and my favorite "feature" is the size/weight!  I bought a cute cover, unpackaged everything in the store, dressed the NST up and registered it right there.  Then I slipped it into my purse.  Ahh!  (I usually carry my NC or my N1E in my purse and I could really tell the difference.)


              AND since you have the N1E, you don't need to purchase the plug:  your N1E plug will work with the NST!  (The NST "Limited Edition" with its white edge, using the while plug from my N1E is really quite the fashion statement. :smileyvery-happy:)