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    N2E:  Dictionary - A bug or is it me?

      I noticed that I cannot get words at the end of a line, (and that are divided in two so that the rest of the word is at the beginning of the next line), to highlight for lookup.   Normal whole words, elswhere in a line highlight just fine, and I can look them up.  I have made several attemps at highlighting, including touching the end half of the word, and touching both halves of the word with two fingers.  Nothing.  I have searched the boards and didn't find anything.


      Is anyone else seeing this, or am I not doing something right?  Thanks!

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          I've noticed the same phenomenon.  Just figured it was a glitch in the program.  It can be irritating, though, when there's no other occurrenceof the word nearby. 


          More disappointing to me is the lack of a search function in the N2 dictionary. Often, when I'm reading, one word that I see will remind me of another that I'd like to look up the etymology of.  Can't be done, darn it.

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            I've also noticed this as well. So it's not just you.


            Maybe there will be a fix for this in 1.4?

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              Good to know it isn't just me.   Maybe someone important will see this and relay this information to the people who can come up with a fix.   Thanks, guys.

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                Agreed, while a small issue, it should be fixed.  After all, if the nook knows enough to split the word across two lines it should still be able to recognize the full word.  (Assuming it was split by the software and not physically in the epub file.)


                A quick fix is to change the font one size up or down quickly, the word will most likely be placed not at the end and you can look it up that way. 


                I haven't had a problem looking up complete words at the end or the beginning of a line, though.

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                  This is crazy, but I can't find any books in my library that use hyphenation at the ends of lines. I wanted to see what you're talking about for myself, but I can't find any examples. And I know I've noticed the hyphenation before. They didn't get rid of that with the update, did they?


                  EDIT: Okay, I powered my Nook off and on, and now it remembers how to hyphenate again. Weird. And I see what you mean now. It won't even highlight the hyphenated word at the end of the line.