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    Running headers name bug



      I'm trying to find out if a particular behavior with the NOOK for MAC app is a bug or by design.

      The issue I am seeing is that in the running headers displayed at the top of the pages (the left side is the book's title, and the right top side is the author's name) the author's name as listed in the epub's Metadata is ex.  "John Billie Smith", but the header is only displaying "John Smith".


      Is this a known issue... or is there a way to reformat the author's name in the metadata to display all of it as noted above?  Thanks.


      * I noticed that this is not occuring in Nook for PC, as the author name is just not displayed at all.


      P.s. - Is there a place where I can search for known issues, i.e a bug database or even developer notes / fix lists?

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          The metadata is showing what the publisher put into the metadata fields of the book itself. There is no way to edit this as it is deep inside the book. If you really need this fixed, addressing the publisher is the first step, but I think you might as well just let it be, the publishers are not going to completely redo an eBook to add the middle name of the author.
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              Actually I am the publisher/developer. And the issue is the Nook for Mac is not displaying the author's name correctly - the Metadata DOES have the full name in it, but it is not showing it all, it is truncated.


              I was hoping an Admin here or someone from B&N with access to their bug database could tell me if there was a work-around or if this is a Known issue that cannot be fixed.


              Here is the metadata info from the content.opf file:

              <dc:creator opf:file-as="Lastname, First Middle" opf:role="aut">First Middle Lastname</dc:creator>


              Nook for Mac's right top running headers only displays:

                "First Lastname"