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    NookColor products on Ipad?

      Are peple able to purchase and read magazines and books designed for NookColor on the Ipad using the BN Nook app for Ipad? Feedback and tips would be appreciated. Thanks!  :smileyhappy:

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          Nook magazines don't work on the ipad app, which is really unfortunate. It seems like this is a decision being made to try to convince me to buy a nook color but instead its making me buy my magazine subscriptions from sources other than B&N

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              There are some magazines which are supported for IPAD.  You just have to look in the details for each cover.  Nook Classic has even less choices so I don't think it's a conspiracy to convince you to buy the NOOK!  It's all up to the Publishers in how they want thier product manipulated to work in an ereader.


              For instance I have Readers Digest on the Ipad.  Can say I enjoy reading it without all the ads!  But I miss some of the graphics and info found in the printed version.  So it's based on what they were willing to allow published in the eversion.