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    Unable to download issue

      I've been a subscriber to Readers Digest (among other magazines as well) and while at the grocery store today I noticed that there was a new issue out there.  The cover didn't look familiar and I was almost certain I hadn't received it on my Nook yet, so when I got home I checked and sure enough it wasn't there.  I thought maybe there was a delay from print to e-version (never noticed it before though), so I came to the site to see what issue it showed as the current one.  


      The site also showed the same issue as the store, so I thought maybe something was wrong with my subscription, so I checked and it looks good to go.  So, on the site I clicked to archive the issue and then I clicked to make it active.  Refreshed my library on my Nook Color and nothing.  I've looked all over and can't figure out what is going on.  Don't think this has happened before with any of my magazine subscriptions (but I'm going to go back and check now), so any help would be appreciated.

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          Just checked and it also appears that I've not received the most recent issues of Popular Mechanics or Popular Science.  Again, I tried to archive and unarchive those issues on the site, but they still don't show up on my Nook Color.  

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              Two weeks and no response.  Nice customer service.  The Popular Mechanics and Popular Science issues finally downloaded, but still no Readers Digest.  I go to my subscriptions online and it shows that issue as being my most current and I tried again to archive/unarchive it, but still nothing.  Does it have to do with the date I subscribed or something?  Should I cancel my subscription and resubscribe at the beginning of the month?  This is really annoying.