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    How to Buy a "free" eBook

      I downloaded a free book, read it to the point that it stopped, and received instructions that I needed to buy the book to read the rest. I found the book in my B&N account and when I tried to buy it, I was told I had already downloaded it. There isn't even a "buy" button beside the book. Help!

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          Does the end of the book say something like [End of Sample]? If so, then it thinks you downloaded a sample. If not, then it may be a corrupt eBook.


          Try this: go to your online B&N account and to My Library. Delete the book from there. Then go through the "repurchase" and "redownload" process and see if that fixes it.

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            If the book you downloaded stopped before the conclusion of the book, you were probably reading a "free sample". Check to see if there is a banner on the ebook indicating "sample".


            If it is a sample, sometimes it's easier to delete the sample from your "My B&N" page ". Click on the link "Visit your Ebooks Library" then delete the sample. You'll then be able to purchase the complete book.


            Note: You should also be able to buy the book directly from within your sample book. There is a green button at the top of the page that says "Buy Now" . Tap the green button (you may have to be at the end of the sample to tap the button), then tap the green price button, then tap confirm. Easy - peasie.