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    [NGL] Price point a deal breaker...

      Let me begin by saying i bought a Nook Color when they first came out.  Then I got the HD last year when it came out. 


      I had been intrigued by ereaders for years.  However, I didn't find eink screens appealing.  Or, to be more accurate, I didn't like the way they refreshed with each page.  The whole going black thing was annoying.  So, I liked the way the NC handled page turns and also liked the (limited) tablet features.  And to me it made sense that the "tablet" Nook cost $100 more than the eink devices as they had many more features and did so much more.


      When I read that the NGL has much better resolution and refreshes better I thought I'd check it out.  So, as I stood in B&N today looking at one I had to admit it was much better than the ones of the past.  And I will readily concede that it is much lighter than my HD, obvious despite the security cables.  Finally, and eink reader I might like to own.


      However, when I looked down and saw the $119 price card and glanced over and saw that the HD was only $129 it just didn't make sense.  I know some are going to say they really love the eink screen and the light weight, and for the dedicated eink readers I know they will pay for those features.  But if I were just getting into ereaders, or, as I am now experienced with more functionality, the price for the NGL doesn't seem worth it.  I mean look at all the technology that is in the HD.  Does it really only cost $10 more to put an HD together?


      If the NGL were $89 i'd probably give it a whirl, but not for $119. 


      Ok, that's my $0.02




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          The NST was originally $149.  I paid that and am glad I did.

          You're seeing the "initial" price.  Like all the other units it will go down over time as they market to the different consumer groups.

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              If you were just getting into ereaders and didn't want to shell out $119, wouldn't the NST be the best option at $79?

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                  Remember, If you have a B&N membership, the new Glow is 10% less, plus you get a coupon of $5 towards an ebook. The 10% off does not apply to the NST or NSTG.

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                      Also pay more, get less battery time.  The HD line is great, if you're going to use the features.  If you want to read and don't want those features you're paying more and getting the feature of charging your device quite a bit more often than the NST, NSTG, and NGL.

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                          I think that it all comes down to whether you prefer to read on an LCD screen or an e-ink screen. To get the best experience reading with e-ink, you obviously have to go with the NGL and, as such, pay the price for the latest and greatest. However, I, too, started with the Nook Color and got hooked on the clarity, evenness of brightness, and lack of screen changes and ghosting of the LCD screen and can't imagine switching over to e-ink.  I hope that B&N doesn't forsake the LCD e-readers. Frankly, the only reason that I got an HD was because I was hooked on the LCD screen and they no longer make Nook Colors; I could do without all of the fancy other features. Just a nice, elegant LCD e-reader, please.

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                              Dinerfiend wrote:

                              To get the best experience reading with e-ink, you obviously have to go with the NGL and, as such, pay the price for the latest and greatest.

                              Not obviously.  Best is subjective, and I'd rather use my NST than the NGL.  A new NST is only $79.  The latest is not always the greatest.

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                                  I had to go dig up my reciept because I couldn't recall how much I paid since the HD has been going down in price drastically since I bought mine (drat!) but I paid $229 for a 16gb back in March of this year. So for a 16gb to be $149 and an 8gb to be only $129 is an extraordinary deal! It's only been 8 months since I bought it. I wouldn't compare a brand new NGL to a year old and reduced (over and over) piece of technology. 


                                  Don't get me wrong, though. I love my HD and I love my NST as well and each for me serve a purpose. Funnily, I find I use my HD more in the winter months. Probably has something to do with daylight being scarce. :smileytongue: I am considering buying myself the NGL as I did visit a BN store yesterday and had a chance to experience it in person. It's very light, responsive and a beauty to hold.


                                  Just so you know, the NGL is the same price as Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite. Neither has an SD card slot to expand your library without relying on the use of Wifi and the Cloud. To me, and I know it might be different for some, I like the idea of having the SD card and carrying with me as many books as I like. It gives me a measure of control, I suppose. This alone would for me would be the only deal breaker. Not the price point.   

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                        The HD is still being sold at sacrifice prices to move stock. It's a hell of a bang for the buck right now. If you want one, I'd grab it quick, because the stock won't last forever. After that, whatever replaces it (if anything), will probably cost considerably more.


                        I think the NGL is at the "correct" pricing for today's market, though still a bit high for what I want to pay. It's the HD that's priced artifiicially low. I think the same applies to the NST. Comparing the NST to HD pricing probably reflects the price difference you're expecting to see.


                        To be fair, you really need to compare the NGL pricing against its eInk competition from Amazon (nearly the same price) or Kobo (the NGL is cheaper).