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    HD Series NOOK 2.1 Update Unreported Features

      As usual, the patch notes for update 2.1 are somewhat lacking, so here's the stuff I've found that isn't recorded in the patch notes.


      The Search Bar at the bottom is now black instead of white. I don't like it, as the font in the search box is still light grey and it doesn't mesh well.


      Notifications now show a box in the top right corner of the screen for a few seconds. If a notification pops up now, instead of just an icon, there is a small dialogue box that gives information about the notification that appears for a few seconds before fading. This is similar to how notifications operate on "stock" Android - showing a preview in the notification bar.


      Two new stock BN apps - Your Highlights and Notes and Your Lookups. Both are fairly self-explanitory: they collect all of the notes, highlights, and word definitions that you have done in all the books on your account into one place.


      New Settings. Along with Google services we also get Google App data backup, which is a nice plus of the GPS.


      NOOK App Update tool finally has a close button that isn't the size of a gnat. Serious, took way too long.


      Lendme, Preorder, and New banners have changed. They are no longer on the side of icons, but on the bottom left corner.


      Archive has a back button. But still no universal back that I've found. >.<


      If you find anything else, post it.