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    Nook HD+ not charging

      Has anyone had any problems with their Nook HD+ not charging? I last successfully charged mine back over the weekend. It was getting low last night so I plugged it in when I went to bed. When I woke up this morning it was still showing 5% and not charging.

      I plugged my Nook Tablet cable into my HD+ transformer and it charges so I know the transformer is good. That narrows the problem down to either the cable or the HD+ itself. The HD+ no longer shows up when I plug it into my computer but that could still be either the HD+ or the connector, though I'd probably lean more towards the cable since my HD+ is acting fine except for not charging.

      In the past, whenever the HD+ was really low and I plugged it in to charge, the little LED next to the connector would come on and glow amber, then turn green later, as it charged up to a decent level. Now when I plug it in, the little LED comes on and glows green from the start but no charging is going on.

      Any ideas?

      Any information on how well warranty/repairs/replacements are handled? I'm assuming that, if it's the cable, they probably won't cover that after four months and I'll just have to purchase another one.


      - Byron Followell

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          The cable should be covered under the warranty.  If you have a store nearby, I would take it in, and they can test with their cables to see whether it's the device or the cable.  If it's the cable, they may have spares, and there ya go.


          If it's the device, you may still have to call 1-800-THE-BOOK.  In this case, usually, you can either have them ship a replacement and you send yours back in that box with emailed packing slips, or you can send yours in and wait for them to send you a replacement.  You could ask if your store has a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned), which is standard for warranty replacement after a certain time, but they may still not have those for these models yet.

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            Thanks for the info. I was planning to go to my local B&N Friday evening so I'll have them help me check it all out then and determine whether it's the HD+ or the cable. I guess I'll go from there.


            - Byron


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              I know this sounds simple but was your device on?  It seems really strange that Barnes & Noble had the device made that does not charge while off but I found this out the first week I had the device off and it didn't charge overnight.

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                I have had many issues and I am on my 2nd nook, 3rd cable. It is currently off and will not turn back on. Sometimes it will turn it self on after a day or two this time it has been off for a week. Looks like I'll be taking another trip to the B&N store.