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    Craig 7" Android tablet $99 at Rite Aid pharmacy

      Just now my wife and I were at Rite Aid buying stuff like rubbing alcohol and dental floss after church, and I saw they had some touch screen tablet computers for $99.00.

      Android 2.2, web and email, 4GB flash memory, 256MB RAM, wifi, USB & mini-SD.

      At that price and a brand I never heard of, I think some corners must have been cut...

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          Indeed many have, for starters, 256mb of ram, the NookColor has 512, 4gig of flash memoryi to the NookColor's 8....Android 2.1 The NookColor started there a year ago.....
          Rockchip RK2818 ARM9 at 622MHz The NookColor will bury that
          Average battery life 3+ hours?  Yep, NC can beat that too
          USB hosting via full USB port (keyboards, USB thumbsticks, limited USB 3G support)  ok, good feature....
          7" 800x480 resistive touch  THIS IS THE BIGGIE... Compare that to 1024x600 Capacitive Touch..... MUCH higher quality image, and wonderful response to the touch.  My first e-reader which went back to store was resistive touch, and low resolution.  It also clouded up over time with use, almost looked like it was fogging from the inside, until cleaning it, which lasted a very short time, a day or two at most.  The NookColor was in the case of the one I'd bought twice as bright.  You are FAR better off buying a refurbished NookColor than the Craig.

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            I want that android tablet so bad cuz it looks awesome to me!!!:smileyvery-happy !! :smileyhappy:

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              It's pretty simple, really: You get what you pay for......especially when it comes to electronics!! I simply cannot imagine that an Android tablet sold at the drugstore would be worth the effort it takes to swipe your debit card, take it home, and figure out how to take it out of the box!!

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                Look closer, their v. 4.0 Ntbks+Tblts sell at the camera counter. Ver. 2 is on the shelves.


                Netbook v. 4.0: ethernet AND wifi, HD vid, headphone+mic usb ports, stereo spkrs built-in, added usb's, browser capable, Office Suite etc compatible.


                Tablet: wifi, built-in mic+speakers, HD audio+video, less usb's but 3D gaming+browsing+Office Suite compat.

                Neither has bluetooth, neither has Ir (though it's old, lots of biz still use Ir pda's and SiPix portable printers in biz.)


                Drug stores serve grandparents, single parents, budgeting customers, and quick-stop bizfolks educators, truckers, home-biz owners, work-at-home parents etc. All looking for a good deal on short budget for in-class use, home-office use, biz-travel use, 2nd gen kids' gifts, combo home/work devices. Sheesh!  Just having browser ability to freeload Skype for a grandparent is worth the 99.  Or their retirement homes use of always free wifi. Or a trucker to not be in a deadzone on a long haul...


                Netbooks for traveling offices also give sales and educators 'anywhere' projector hookups or presentations, and connectivity for RealTime PowerPoint Interactive etc. traveling biz folks need corp ethernet+coffeeshop wifi. Budget-minded college students need Library wifi, securable browsing, classroom presentation hookups for 3D or HD university level program requisites. 

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                  Why so many slams of Craig and RiteAid, with no mention they also fully stock version 4 of both 7" Netbooks + 7" Tablets and compatible keyboards? And, all posts are within 20 views of each other. Does Barnes+Noble want their Nook business to smell like this?

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                    my son damaged his laptop's hard drive so we had pretty much no intention of buying him a computer... until I walked into Rite Aid the other day. We got our Craig tablet for $88, $101 walk-out the door inc's tax and CRV, He has everything he needs and then some, and it didnt cost me hundreds of dollars. So this mom was STOKED over our deal. We dont need all the bells and whistles. I have that on our Dell PC which honestly is more headaches dealing with the stupid virus's I get all the time and have to scrub and redo everything all the time. This tablet is fast and I have been to sneak over to his tablet instead of firing up the PC a couple of times to save extra time. LOVE it.

                    They also had a Craig tv, starting price $299.99, on sale for $188. We dont NEED another tv so I passed it up, but it was a decent sized screen 32 " and great color quality.

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                        After reading the previous post I went over to check it on YouTube. IT's not bad for a $100 device.

                        It even has a microUSB card.


                        I was just discussing this with someone - that B&N should sell Nook Color and Tablet and not discontinue them. There is BIG demand for something in the $90 to $130 range for tablets.


                        Why not cater to it.


                        There isn't going to be anything as high quality as Nook Color in that range until Asus comes out with its supposed $99 Tablet.


                        And even that might not be very good.


                        HAving your first 7" Tablet be the $199 HD seems like you're letting the $150 and below market go to other people needlessly. Color is well constructed and it works well.