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    Nook tablet not showing book covers - calibre doesnt help.

      Alright, I am taking care of the nooks in my family. I have one, and both of my nieces are getting one for christmas. I have been working on customizing them for each girl (like setting a background theyll enjoy, etc) and I have a problem.


      None of the side loaded books are showing their bookcovers while in the library. If you try to read one it works, and it pulls up a book cover. It will show this book cover if the book itself is on the daily shelf or on the desktop of the nook.


      I downloaded and tried Calibre for it, checked the metafile (or whatever, where you check the covers) and the cover is there like it should be. I also converted it from it's original epub to epub again. Put the new epub on a nook to test it out - and zilch.


      Anyone have any other solutions? I dont mind not having covers for my own books TOO much on my nook, but i really wanna go all out for my nieces.