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    Purchase NOOKbooks overseas

      If your default credit card has a US/Canadian BIN you can now purchase books on your NOOK from Barnes and Noble worldwide. Just FYI.

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          That is worthy of a press release. Seriously.


          Thanks for the info! Though I'm not traveling (sniffle) it is still good to know. :smileyhappy:

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            This is too cool!  I am trying to find more information about this development to let other people know.  Can't __believe__ there is no press release.  It would be a huge selling point for some people!  Is there any other statement or technical info from B&N letting people know this is now the case?  A B&N staffer in a store just told me this today (11/17/11), but I had no idea, and short of one of the three people behind the counter offering up this detail (he had no idea I would be interested in purchasing a book on my nook while overseas), I would never have heard of it.  Just tried purchasing via VPN on a trip, and it worked well, but would love to skip that step if possible.


            Any other place where this pretty major development is mentioned online?  Is it truly worldwide, without restrictions other than you must use a credit card registered in US/Canada?  

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              How do I know if my credit chard has a US/Canadian BIN?

              Mine is from a bank in Colombia (Bancolombia) and I've used it succesfully to buy in Amazon, does that means it has a US BIN?