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    Holiday sale from Authors - for our favorite people - Readers

      I know other authors who are having Holiday sales and would be glad to post their books as well for Nook Readers.  I'll start with two of mine - both 99 cents.


      The Necromancer 


      Michelle was brutially attacked on a business trip. Now she fears men. She decides an affaire with a devilishly handsome man who moves into her building might cure her of her panic attacks. How could she know she picked the wrong man? A man who has been stalking her for years. A man known as The Necromancer..... 



      The Living Image 


      What would you do if you found your own duplicate?  It happens to Sabrina.  Then she finds her double was cloned from her body and is equipt with a computer.  To top it all there are three government agencies from different countries vying to possess the woman she calls Eve.

      They are both in danger.  How can they remain free?