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    Nook shop not updating lists

      When I connect to the nook shop, the popular lists and other featured book listings display the same titles that were on display about two months ago. For instance, I still have a display of YA books on the "Memorial Day Reads" list that is being featured this weekend. I also can't see any new books when browsing the bestellers or coming soon listings.


      I've tried taking it to the store and contacting support but have received no real assistance with the issue. Is anyone else having this problem? It started about two months ago on my device. Has anyone found a solution?

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          IM HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! It started two months ago for me too. You are the only post Ive seen about this and Ive been searching for answers and have found nothing. My software and everything is updated too. Its so annoying and BN needs to fix it. Ive had a pleasant experience with BN and my Nook Color until now.
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            Go to settings and check how your memory is set up. If memory allocated for content is not around 5gb and 1 gb for other memory, that could be the problem. Mine was flipped and caused problems like you have. I took it to the store and showed them the memory problem and theywere able to re-partition the memory. They had detailed instructions on how to do it.